Thursday, April 15, 2010

ma love for McD breakkie

It's nice to wake up early once in a while.

Once in a blue moon. *grin*

Woke up at 5am this morning and surprise! Haha.

Who would have thought that me, Stella would be capable of waking up so early and yet being bright and shine once awake.

That only happen to me few times in a year.

If I continue to sleep early and wake up early, I will bore the hell outta maself.

So what to do when I'ma awake so early?

Of course it's time for McD breakkie!

I only managed to have McD breakkie few times a year, those time when I managed to wake up early and still have time for breakkie before class. lol

It's been a super long while since I had ma last one.

Have always love McD breakkie.


I used to be a mad fans of Big Breakfast but... it grew outta me a while ago.

Ma fav now is Egg McMuffin with Chicken Roll!

Die die have to have chicken roll okieee!

Damn niceeee...


Somehow... I have managed to accept black coffee.

I never been able to have those, too bitter for ma own taste, I used to add in more than 6 packets of sugar.

Yep, 6 packets, you didn't read anything wrong nor am I having typo.

Though I pour in like 4 packets this morning but... it happened to be too sweet for me.

Just maybe... I am getting old. *frown*


Now are you drolling yet?

Look at those cheeeeeeseee!!

And too bad the chicken roll is hiding under the egg. lol

This is bliss.

Total bliss when you sink your teeth into it having your first biteful of it.




I look decent enough to get a picture of maself this morning.

Surprise! Haha.

Am not even in ma usual coll clothes.

Usual coll clothes equals to... ugly clothes. lol

Normally I look like a rag when I go to coll just because... the environment is almost like that.

No point dress to the point of looking decent, no?

Waste ma clothes sial, I don't have much clothes.

So, no way!

Just today... just because I feel like... looking decent.

But that's also because ma hair is not that bad when I woke up this morning.

Normally ma go to coll hair is like bad hair day almost every day. *crai*

Can imagine the amount of days when I have bad hair days?

It's terrible.

So now you know I look horrible when I go to coll... buthen that's Ipoh.

It explains. lol

Anyway, that's me with no make up, bare clean face.

Can see ma dark eyeshadow is like super duper huge.

Ma mom always complain, damn annoying.

It's almost 9am now, I gotta ciao to class soon.

Today class is gonna start at 9.30am.

Another... old outdated lesson coming soon.



O'btw I have to rave about this I'ma so excited!!

I have finally purchased ma 0.45x wide angle lens!!

Like so so so finally...!! *big big grin*

Can't wait to get ma hand on it omg!

So excited giler sial.

I bought it along with the star filter. Geez.

Total RM185 gone but wtf, I have waited so long to finally purchase one okieeeeee!!

It's coming tomorrow. Or Saturday.

Be patient omfg!!!

Haha! Random.

But wtf I'ma giler sial excited okieeeee.



elynn-p :] said...

today i have been reading so many food posts~~gosh, it makes me hungry~~drooling when see the cheese~~

alLets' Lexy said...

hahaha~ u noe ma blog is always full with food post. =P be careful of the coming post ya.

elynn-p :] said...

T____T OMG~~~nw im going starve every time i read ur blog~~~heeeheee

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