Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mcd Double Double?

As promise, a continue from the previous post.

So at 2pm, I was terribly hungry and couldn't think of what to had since the place where Starbucks is located at has no decent food. At least IMO.

Until Vivian showed me this...

I totally forgot about this before Vivian showed me!

Damn. It's so tempting I just decided to drag Benny there.

And make him buy the Mega Mac for himself so I can take picture of. lol


See the eager hands at the back of the pictures.

I just don't understand why peeps can't wait for a while for pictures to be taken before eating?

I always feel bad I have to do it while ma friends have to wait with grumpy face.

But I just have to get pictures!

It's not like I eat McD Doubles everyday, no?

In fact, I don't really have McD burgers much, I just want the fries most the time.


For picture purpose, I was so tempted to order Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe but... I can't take that spicy thingy so I decided against it and ended up with Double McChicken.

Though Mega Mac is definitely more tempting with the fact that it is beef but seriously, I doubt ma mouth can fit that huge burger inside wtf.

And Double Filet-O-Fish doesn't look anything extraordinary.

I wanna shoot something that can look hugeeee.

At least something like this?


Not exactly huge but... bigger than normal.

Or hugeee... like this?


This definitely look huge, no? lol

Mega Mac, am satisfy.

At least it looks huge under the lens.

Couldn't get a picture of the packaging though all because the can't wait Benny who is waiting for his Mega Mac.

According to him, he was damn well hungry, I wouldn't know any better.

Hence I just gave up taking pictures of the packaging.

Why I wanna picture of the packaging?

Because I think the new packaging of McD burgers seems nice.


Seems nice in packaging term.

Clean and neat, yet simple and interesting.

Don't you think so?

It makes quite a good reference.


Anyway, I was wondering why is there only four McD Doubles.

What about others? lol

I am not sure if all burgers in McD can possibly be made into double but one that I am so tempted to have Doubles is definitely the McD Double Cheeseburger!

I think I understand why it couldn't be made into Doubles considering it's already a Double to begin with.

But... why not Doubles Double?


Ain't that tempting?

Would you wanna know how a McD Double Double Cheeseburger would look like?

I definitely am very curious and hence...

I tried.

I try to make a visual image of how a McD Double Double Cheeserburger would be...

and guess what?



Ain't that a Quadraple instead of Double. lol

Still... 4 layers of beef omg.

Sorry for the bad photoshop work though. lol

Didn't really pay much attention to it, just wanna make a simple visual image of what I could have been imagining for.

Now anyone wanna suggest this to McD and ask them to come out with this instead?

Seriously, I will be the first one to go try! lol

Raise your hand if you are with me.

*look around with all readers staring back at me*

Ermm... alright. I know it's nonsense thought. lol

No need to stare.

On a side note, last Thursday I managed to get this beautiful Starbucks tumbler!

But it cost a bomb! Like a fcuking huge bomb!

It costs RM68 without discount. Crazy.

But after discount it was about RM61 plus so... I got it.

Because it was so pretty.

But too bad, I was more to looking for a hot drink tumbler at this time but I found this instead which is only for cold drink instead.

Bummer but a beautiful bummer.


Ignore the background, I just don't have anywhere else to for me to shoot this beautiful thang.

So I shot it inside ma bathroom. lol

But it's still so pretty, so it's okay to be in the bathroom.

I doubt I'ma gonna use it though.

Now I'ma hoping for Starbucks to come out with beautiful tumbler for hot drink instead.



Hilda Milda said...


i wonder how people eat mega mac? it's so mega huge LOL

yeah, i just realised there is no double double cheeseburger :p maybe because it's double already hehe

nice post anyway!

elynn-p :] said...

T_________T im hungry. yummy yummy. nice tumbler. i want one.

desmondChua said...

ahhaha! 4 layers of beef!! OMG!!

cheeChingy said...


Innocent^^Guy said...

don't ask me how i get here...but i think i clicked on ur profile when u commented in the starbucks status....and the first thing i saw on ur blog is the same thing my fren send me yest nite...i was so hungry back then.. :|

alLets' Lexy said...

hilda, they press it so it become flatter? lol. i cannot eat mega mac either. =P

elynn, go go buy~ lol.

desmond, omggg right? wait. which u omg about? the double double cheeseburger? haha.

chingy, dun remindddd me~ LOL

innocent guy, hahaha~ so have you got your mcd double already? =P

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