Saturday, April 3, 2010

new Starbucks mug! ♥

If you haven't know that I love Starbucks so much that I wanted anything of Starbucks that I could possibly own then you should come here more often.

I am sure everyone knows that I mad love Starbucks. ♥

Branding or what, I don't care.

I even wanted the Starbucks logo sign that hangs around all the shop.

Give me a chance, I might just steal it and hang it in ma room. Geez.

Don't find me if a Starbucks logo sign is lost! *innocent*

But I don't have all the money in the world for me to sit in Starbucks every single day of ma life nor am I loaded that I can buy all Starbucks merchandise that I have laid ma eyes on.

So all I can do is to go to Starbucks once in a while to really enjoy maself there and buy one or two merchandise that I make sure I really really like and no regret buying.

So far I have one hot drink tumbler from the Christmas range last year if I ain't mistaken.

Silver colour based with lots of glitter on the body. So bling!

Also another one is a cold drink tumbler where there's a straw from the Mooncake Festival range last year, too.

That is a blue transparent one with pretty patterns.

Those two are the one that I bought, kept and still loving. For collection purpose, I can't bear to actually use them. So pretty!!

Other than that, I recycle a lot. lol

You know Starbucks plastic container that you get for buying cold drink?

I have tons of those at home. Recycle much?

Some I use to drink plain water, plain water taste better in Starbucks cup!

Some I use to take ice coffee to class.

Re-used and then I can throw them away.

Okay la, not so recycle when it comes to this but I seldom do this.

Then I have one Starbucks mug that look like those paper cup for hot drink when you take out.

Yep! That is mad love plus I am so sure it's in Venti size!

Big enough and so I use it for coffee everyday at home or else, plain water.

And the other day that I went Starbucks hoping in KL, due to the one in 3 Two Square had a black out when we arrived, Bell and I hopped to Jaya One instead.

Am happy I went there because I found another cute mug there!

Haven't been seeing this design anywhere else, wondering if it's old design or what.

I sat there thinking if I should buy it or not since I don't really need a new mug other than I need one in the office but...

if I bought it, it definitely wouldn't go to the office because it's so sayang to put there and I don't use it often.

I don't even go back to office often wtf!

Then I would miss ma lovely mug so badly when I am in Ipoh, just like right now.

In the end?

I bought it. Because the design is so special! ♥

Though the size is a tad small. Grande size perhaps.


See the design unique or not?

The handle is like a sleeve!

Fake sleeve though because it couldn't be taken out, it's stuck there.

Still, it's so cuteeee!! ♥

Plus look clearly at the sleeve, the random words of Starbucks and all is so pretty!



Okay laaa... prolly some of you might be having a wtf reaction while looking at this and ma expression of it but wth, I love ma new Starbucks mug okie!

Not pretty mer?

It's so pretty lor!

Or you think I am ridiculous now.


I should just limit this post to Starbucks lover or fans. *sigh*

You guys who are not just won't understand.

But whatever, am still happy with ma new mug!

Plus I got sponsored 5bucks for it. lol

Okiee la, even though it's only 5bucks but it's a beginning stage of getting sponsored. *wink*

Plus 10% discount from Jusco member card. ^^

In the end, I bought it like 8bucks plus cheaper than the original price. *grin*

So now ma resolution is to drink more water!

Using ma Starbucks mug, I should feed maself with more water!

And coffeeeeee! Homemade of course.


Where got money go Starbucks everyday.

How to pay? How to pay?!

O'btw, Jaya One Starbucks is mad loveeeee!!! ♥

It has got pretty frilly curtain and also a big table, almost-like-dining table with pretty table lamp!

I wanna go there like all the time if I cannnn! Geez.

But too bad it's always so crowded.

That is not nice.

I am selfish, I wan Starbucks to maself wtf. *frown*


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