Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Toy; New IceCream!

Bad thing first.

Two days ago in the morning while I got to coll, I nearly got snatched. Erm... do you call that attemp snatch?

Yeah, fcuking asshole on bike trying to snatch ma bags while I just did cross the road, few steps before I reach the pavement wtf.

Buthen he was alone, trying to ride a bike and snatch from ma behind.

All I could feel was someone bump into me from behind and ma bags fell from ma shoulder to ma inner elbow.

*blur look on ma face*

Then only I realised someone was attempting to snatch ma bags!! RawWwR!

And that fcuking asshole dare stopped quite far away to turn back and look at me.

URGHH!! Damn me forgot to look out for his number plate.

Whatever. Damn pissed off.

Don't wanna talk about it. Let's get to the happy hippy stuff!

First off, finally I have got new toy!

After so long, after taking such long time to finally get one when I have been saying I want I want I want.

Guess what?


Obvious it's for ma DSLR, no?

But it's definitely a new toy! Geez.

I finally bought it online after looking high and low in KL and couldn't find it.

Maybe... I have asked for the wrong name.

Buthen it's so easy to buy it online.

Checked, enquired, paid and one day later... ta-da!

It was on ma table already. So fast lol.

So have you guess what is it already?


It's ma wide angle lens!

Along with macro detachable.

Mad love!!!

Since got new toy, must do some testing, no?


That's the first testing shot.

Ignore the messy wires, will you.

First picture above is what taken with ma normal kit lens at focal length 23mm while the one below it is what taken at the same position also at focal length 23mm but with wide angle lens attached.

Sweeeet! Don't you think so?


And then second testing shot.


First picture up is the closest I can get with ma kit lens to take picture of something close up.

Hmm... not so close up but that's the closest for ma kit lens at focal length 55mm.

While the second picture is always at focal length 55m but... so much closer!

That's what the ciplak macro can do. lol

I know the second shot is not nice, but wtf testing only.

While along with the wide angle lens, I bought a stars filter, too.

Just something... extra. lol


Since it's just a filter, there's no picture of the filter but a test shot.

This is the street looking down from ma house balcony.

Fcuking huge star effect after attaching the star filter.

You can count that as second new toy. lol

I'ma done yakking on ma new toy!

Now I am wondering if I should get a flash... or a 50mm f1.8 lens so that I can at least attempt bokeh. lol

But no money, so... put that aside first.

While more happy stuff coming...

Yesterday I went to Tesco with ma mom to buy some stuff, and then we saw Ben & Jerry's icecream!!

OMG Ben & Jerry's is in IPOOOOOOOOHHH!!

I was friggin hyper and trying to see how much it cost.

The price tag covered said outta stock but I dug it out and it was written RM7.25.

RM7.25 for 473ml of Ben & Jerry's?!!

I couldn't believe it so I thought 3 tubes and went to the price checking machine to check the price and... it showed RM28 plus per tube.

Tipu one!! *crai*

There written RM7.25 what.

So I only took one tube in the end cause it's quite expensive and went to paid.

But when we were paying, the cashier said the barcode can't be scan, no detail inside the system.


So a staff went to check the price and he came back with the RM7.25 price tag and guess what happened after that?

I ran back to the fridge and grabbed another 4 more tubes!

So now ma fridge is packed with 5 tubes of Ben & Jerry's icecream!!



We paid only RM36.25 for 5 tubes of Ben & Jerry's which was supposed to cost more than RM140!!!


Aren't you jealous now?


elynn-p :] said...

wahhh. new lens.

yummy ice-cream. but ben&jerry's is not in alor star yet. hmmm.


Isabellmiao said...

haha! i'm not jealous.
but keep one tube for meeee!!

i'm coming back soon. ^^

kenwooi said...

im still stuck with my basic lens.. poor can't afford =/

alLets' Lexy said...

elynn, its a ciplak one la. lol ipoh ben & jerry's quality not good one. =(

bell, no jeles then dunwan keep for you. lol as long as u come back that time i still got sure keep for you. keep one for emiko, too. <3

kenwooi, that lens i got very cheap ler. for canon only 140 bucks ler. gee~

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