Sunday, April 25, 2010

now I want Fab hair.

Two days ago I was racking ma brain of what to blog about. Two days later now, I have so much to blog about I don't know where to start.

Okay, I don't exactly have all the amazing brilliant idea for ma blog post but wtf, at least I have pictures for almost every of ma post, no?

Gee. I am one person who appreciate post with picture at least.

I have been having quite some pasta craving lately.

And lucky me I have restock some pasta ingredients in ma kitchen and hence the pasta cooking moment begin.

This morning was the third time cooking pasta in... two weeks I supposed.

Same ingredients, same pasta.

Same so yummy and delicious. lol

Creamy, macaroni, mushroom sausage, cheeseeeeeeeeeee...


Are you drooling yet?

I am. lol

Seriously I can never get sick of those super yummy cheesy creamy pasta omg!

Now I am salivating wtf.

I just have to post that picture here in ma blog.

Too tempting for keep only.

Anyway, the main point this time is...

I think you all read about me wanting ash hair just a few days ago, no?

Erm... I tried.

Though I know in maself that I could never get that colour.

I was trying to be suspend, but the smartass me posted a new picture of mine as profile pic in here, Facebook and also ma Twitter.

Very smartass, I know.

Anyway, what I am saying is yesterday after I didn't sleep the whole night after taking coffee, tossing on the bed being emo that I couldn't close ma eyes and go off to slumberland and yet a million things going in and out of ma brain thinking of so and so without being restless at all while I went to class in the morning without any sleep to found out that the lecturer only marked attendace, gave us three pieces of paper and let us sit through the supposedly three hours but turned two hours class without doing anything else and expecting us to hand in a TV ads planning by next week then right after that I didn't think twice and ran to a salon near ma house to change ma hairstyle.

*take a deep breathe*

Damn. That's like the longest pharagraph I have written after damn long.

Main point?

I went to colour ma hair yesterday. Cropped 3 inches of ma hair which I didn't intend to thanks to the hairstylist like the usual one who couldn't understand what is it to keep the longest strand at its length. And straighten ma hair.

Not rebonding but just merely straighten.

No straightening iron involved in the process.

And hence the end product.


Which definitely looks so much better in photo, you don't wanna see me in real life. lol


Ma hair roots ended up being too bright while the bottom part couldn't get much colour on it due to previously I have dyed ma hair midnight black.

Though I don't regret dying midnight black because it was so fab but...

Two coloured hair is not fab.

Btw, the picture above sort of remind me of Beverly from Beverly's Secret.

Not that I say I look like her, maybe the top part of ma hair colour is a tad similar to her hair colour maybe? Geez.


Nah. That's the top part and the brightest colour of ma hair now which is quite close to the actual colour in real life.

Only if I am not mistaken.

You see, I look at maself in the room in front of mirror and the colour doesn't look the same.

It's different when I see it in the bathroom with some natural light, inside ma room with no natural light, at the stairs with fair amount of natural light and outside with total natural light.

So god knows what's the actual colour for it.

But the downpart, I see the actual colour of the bottom part, ma heart falls.


Now ignore the top part and look at the bottom.

Almost black.


And yes, that's the actual colour of the bottom part of ma hair.

All due to the previous history of dying it midnight black.

Now it doesn't absorb colours.

Either I grow it all out which gonna take forever and quite impossible or I could just have to try colouring ma hair consistently until... the colour could just stay.

Which for the mean time, I decided on the latter one.

But I can't stand two coloured hair so... tomorrow morning am heading back to the salon to colour the top part a tad darker to at least match the bottom.


Btw, you realised ma hair is quite straight now.

No more crazy curls.

Thank god.

Not that I don't love it but wavy is so much better.

Though I can't wait for ma hair to grow longer again.

Damn those hair stylist.


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cheeChingy said...

Stella you got gradient hair!!

alLets' Lexy said...

bell, money? u sponsor? lol. if i do what i do in acubt above, i dunwanna imagine the price.

chingy, that's... mean. T____T

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