Sunday, April 18, 2010

relative's wedding...

Attended this wedding dinner last night, kind of a far off relatives' wedding.

She is some sort of ma niece but... a niece who is more or less 10 years older than I am. lol

That's the result of having a big big extended family.

Am not close with the host itself hence... I have only taken very little pictures.

Was just eager to try ma wide angle lens actually.

And failed to camwhore. I nearly messed up ma make up thanks to ma Dad who asked me to help him with some stuff last minute and ended up me rushing to prepare.

Reached Oversea Restaurant at around 7pm while it was stated that the dinner would be hit off at 7.30m.

I guess it's Malaysia timing again so it was super late and I was practically eating off sauces. Geez so not ladylike lol.


Kind of disappointed with the fact that they did not have some tiny gift for everyone on the table.

I thought most wedding would have it nowadays.

But still managed to snag a photo of the table arrangement.

Love ma wide angle lens!!

And those rose petals was supposed to be at the center of the table, I stole them to put it on ma plate lol.


Again, menu... without English.

Damn. Why they assume everyone who go to Chinese Restaurant have to know Chinese.

Why can't they just add in additional language, especially English. *frown*

Hate it everytime I go there and I just don't understand the friggin menu.


That's the stage!

Can you see the wedding cake? Damn nice IMO.

It's 9 layers omg! 9 layer of real cakes!!

Buthen... it wasn't cut during the dinner.

I wonder if the host gonna bring the whole thing back home and eat it themselves.

Can they even manage to finish such a huge cake? Ain't wedding cakes supposed to be served to the guests as well?


Also... they used Love Story by Taylor Swift as the wedding song!

You know, no those traditional funny sounding wedding song everytime the bride and bridegroom walked in normally.

They used Love Story!!

I am such a sucker for that one.

And I am so glad they didn't put the typical traditional wedding sound at all for the whole night.

Thank god!

The whole wedding dinner wasn't bad though it wasn't the best one I have ever attended before.

The best one I went before was when I was 13 if not mistaken, it was crazily grand at a hotel ballroom, super huge with about 100 tables and red carpet got the bride and bridegroom. Plus they have very neat arrangement of dishes coming out also with performances in between and all.

That was crazily superb and all but I was too young to bother. Or I don't remember.

Hoping to have more best ever wedding to attend so I can take more pretty pictures.

Anyone gonna have wedding soon?

Invite me ya!!


elynn-p :] said...

haha. im too young to have wedding. plus no bridegroom. haha.

alLets' Lexy said...

hahaha. got then let me know. ^^

BeverLy's Secret said...

It's so grand!!! L.U.R.V.E all the details :)

alLets' Lexy said...

maybe due to the lack of pictures. haha. it was okieee only. =)

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