Monday, April 12, 2010

rude remarks not needed

Am supposed to go movie date with Emiko tonight but... she cancelled this afternoon since she kind of need to OT.

Luckily I didn't buy the ticket or else I would be crying to the tickets already. Reserved tickets are still fine.

Can't find anyone to accompany, you know Ipoh, there's not much human being here.

So in the end, I went to Polo Ground instead.

Have to go out from the house once in a while no?

I can't sit still in sitting at home for more than 24hours is torturing enough not to say more than 48hours.

Came back home and made this for dinner!

Parents have it as well but they cooked something else along with it but I have mine all pureeee baked!

Wondering what am talking about?

It's the ultimate huge cheesyyyy baked prawn!

I nearly typed cheesieeeeeee buthen that would mean Ringo the Cheesie, no? lol. Cannot baked Ringo la.


Though it did not turn out as I expect, I was expecting pretty melted cheese on top of the huge ass prawn but it turned out to be huge ass prawn swimming in cheese soup.

Almost. Only almost swimming but they ain't. In cheese soup!

Yes! Cheese soup! Those liquid you see the prawns immersing in are cheeeseeee!

I don't know where those water came from though.

Prolly from the prawns itself but wtf, it's cheese souppppp! *drool*

Had it with a bit of green pepper bell and also cherry tomatoes.

Two huge ass prawn and it's so filling.

In case you don't believe me, the prawn is as huge as ma palm per prawn.

Enough of those porn. I mean prawn.

So I can't talk about Date Night which I was supposed to watch tonight then I'll have to talk about another movie.

I am actually not that excited to watch Date Night, it's just because... there's no interesting movie to watch in Ipoh.

Ironman 2, Ip Man 2 and whatever else interesting movie that I am waiting for is not on screen yet.

Plus movie like The Runaways, I doubt it's gonna be on screen in Malaysia.

Bad feelings, cannot explain.

So rewind, rewind back to a week or two ago.

Clash of the Titans.


Nothing much about the movie but I have so much to rant!

First off, I am very annoyed with people's attitude whenever I say I am going to catch so-and-so movie and all people can do is give negative remark. In a not so gentle way, in another word, rude.

Seriously ever since I don't know when that whenever I said I am going for a movie, all I'ma getting is "it sucks", "waste of time", "its stupid" and whatever else words you can think of for people to start describing of some movie they don't like.

It never seems to cross their mind that when using those words, it actually sound rude to the people who is planning to go for the movie.

Why can't people use less harsh words like "it's not that nice"?

Plus it's not nice to you doesn't mean it wouldn't be nice to whoever that is going to watch it.

Sigh. I wouldn't mind to take the advise sometimes but most the time they just come off to me sounding very rude and hence very annoying and pissing off at the same time.

I just want to enjoy my movie without any bad judgement first.

So far, I would just say I rather trust maself when it comes to this.

At least I tell people why is the movie not nice rather than spitting words like "it sucks!" just like that.

Plus so far I like most the movies that I went to. Just that Wolfman is seriously not that nice, and a lot of people told me about it but never one told me why.

But that is the only movie that I think is not nice.

While other movies like Alice in Wonderland, Clash of the Titans and such, it's definitely nice in ma contect.

Especially Alice in Wonderland.

I don't see why people have so much to complain about the movie, I think it's mad love.

While coming back to Clash of the Titans, I still don't see how much it could sucks as most people claimed it to be.

IMO the graphics are quite good though in some part it could appeared to be a tad too fake but other than that, I think it is good.

And some people even tell me there's no a single titan in the movie.

Erm... do you guys wanna see the titan or you guys wanna watch the movie?

Seriously I just don't understand what you guys are expecting from the movie sometimes.

If were to say there's bad remark because it was compared to the old movie that was made in 1981 then... I doubt it.


Does anyone who made those negative remarks actually know that this Clash of the Titans 2010 is a remake from the old one from 1981?

I seriously doubt it.

How old can my friends be to have watch the old version and compare it to the new one?

I seriously think it's almost impossible.

Then what's so not good about the new version of Clash of the Titans?

I seriously don't know.

Plus the graphics are really good. Real good IMO especially those creatures made.

Sigh. I just wish people stop appearing rude whenever someone is going to watch some movies.

Keep the rude remark to your ownself as it's not appreaciable by others.


papabear said...

wow the prawn looks delicious can you share some? ^_^

Isabellmiao said...

if they can't see a single titan in the movie, they're blind cz it's full of titan lorr!
do they know what's the meaning of titan?

alLets' Lexy said...

papabear, in ma tummy. ^^

bell, dun ask me. one person told me so. i'ma seriously damn pissed already. sigh.

kenwooi said...

the cheese prawn looks good.. haha.. and clash of the titans is a good movie, but it didnt mesmerized me as much as how to train your dragon =)

alLets' Lexy said...

kenwooi, yeaah. it's not that mesmerizing but can't deny it's not good either. when compare movie to movie, of course one could be better than the other. speak indivually. =)

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