Thursday, April 22, 2010

want Ash hair!

I have been ithcing to dye ma hair again for a while.

I'ma stuck with ma natural hair colour again. Jet black never stick around for long. Longest for only two weeks max and I want ma hair jet black for a long time of period.

Sound kind of impossible.

The other day of bloghoping, saw a blogger got her hair dye jet black with red highlight at the bottom and that set ma desire a tad more.

Have been wanting to get hair like those for a while though I actually think I'ma going out of the age range to do so anymore.

Was planning to at least get ma hair dye jet black the next time I'ma planning to go get a hair trim and maybe cut a fringe.

I am fringe-less now. It outgrew me for a while now.

Buthen jet black with curl hair sounds sucky.

Until I saw this girl's hair, I fell in total love of her new hair colour!

She is Miyake, quite a well-known blogger from Singapore if I ain't mistaken.

Bump into her blog thanks to Joshua's tweet one day and totally love her, she is full of her own style.

And then she posted about her new hair colour and it's total love!

According to what I read in her blog, it's Light Peach Ash Brown.

I'ma so itching to dye that colour now.

But I never look good with light hair colour though... I have never exactly try other than getting some orangy brown highlights before.

Orangy brown sucks but ash brown is love, no?

Would ash brown suit me?

Though just maybe because she is so pretty already that's why it suits her that well.

Pay attention to her hair colour, aight!

That's what I can't stop rambling about right now.

I seriously wonder where can I get this hair colour done on mine.

She is from Singapore so naturally she did it in Singapore but in Ipoh?

Where on earth in Ipoh would anyone be able to do such lovely hair colour without getting it wrong? Sigh.

Aaaaahhhh helpp!!!

Anyone can help?

I am wondering if I should go do it in KL instead.

But KL where? That wouldn't cost me a huge fcuking bomb.


p/s: All photos taken from Miyake's blog.


Dewi Batrishya said...

Do it! Do it! Haha..
Good things are usually expensive.
The cheaper & 'cin-cai' u do ur hair,
The more frustrated u get at the end of the day. ^^

alLets' Lexy said...

but... i sked it wouldnt suit me. u noe normally ppl say i look better in jet black hair. ash colour is like the total opposite. =/ lol

kenwooi said...

lol.. i never dye my hair before.. *good boy* =P

alLets' Lexy said...

kenwooi, seriously? o.O not even once? you should try though. =P

Supia said...

At Greentown there got a salon Star East. I think will have that colour. Try ask.

budleee said...

do it!!

ash looks good an asian skin becaue it makes your fairer

since ash comes in sooooooooooo many shades

you find one that is suitable for you

alLets' Lexy said...

supia, expensive bo? buthen that kind of ash brown need hair that has dyed lots of time only can get that colour one.

budleee, haha. very hard to get ash colour on a hair that used to dye black a lot la. gee.

Kaz said...

WOW i love the hair colour and will be taking those very pics of Miyake to my hairdresser next saturday!!

Did you do it?? Please tell me how it went/your thoughts.... i too have dyed my hair so often and so dark it is pretty much black and i really want a lovely ash brown colout but worry it will not be acheivable and will cost me hundreds of dollars to find that out) !!!

dayana said...

hey where you from? do you know about the prettia hair dye? u can achieve that color by using that hair dye =)

alLets'Lexy said...

Kaz, I tried taking Miyake pic to the hairstylist but he said it can't be done with my hair. =( Maybe I need to dye a few times more to make my hair weaker to achieve that colour though.

dayana, I am from Malaysia and nop, never hear of prettia hair dye before. I am also afraid to dye hair myself, afraid of uneven colour. =)

♥ Aiko Miyuki said...

Usually if wanna dye ash hair colour,must bleach the hair before you dye ash colour.Miya chan bleach her hair before HAHA

telescope eyes said...

You have to bleach it ): it's the easiest and fastest way, compared to spending your money on hair dyes that might not work. I have a post about how I got ash brown hair on my blog!

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