Sunday, May 30, 2010

awkward, exotic, beautiful, angsty, pretty. amazing.

I have been telling maself to update ma blog before pretty tasty this week comes up.

I know it's been quite a while and I have been slow in ma blog.

And no doubt, I failed.

Pretty tasty this week is up!

And ma blog is still very slow.

So slow that I still have yet to prepare for more creative thinking post.


That is just because I am caught up in either fictions or... ANTM.

Yeah, I was caught up in fictions since I came back from KL.

I thought I would be updating a lot more since I have already back from the city but it seems like I am wrong. Let's just say I didn't predict I would be obsessed into fictions so soon.

And then I tried to break the fiction obsession by watching ANTM Cycle 14.

I haven't even watch Cycle 13 but that's not the point.

The point is... trying to break fiction obsession by watching ANTM is definitely not a good idea.

Because I was so totally sucked into it... I had a marathon and I finished it in less than a day including I had ma 10 hours sleep.

So what am I going to do now?

Share pictures of contestants from ANTM Cycle 14 with all of you!


These are the few that I really like in Cycle 14.

They are Gabrielle Kniery, Ren Vokes, Jessica Serfaty and one of the final top 2, Raina Hein.



Gabrielle Kniery fascinated me.

One reason because she is a child of multi-racial, I am always amazed by child of multi-racial, I don't know.

The other reason would be her face. Beautiful, nah ah. Pretty, nop.

Just more than beautiful, more than pretty.

And she have beautiful hair that is naturally just like that.

But I don't like it when Tyra Banks said that she reminds her of Angelea Preston.

I seriously don't like Angelea Preston as she appeared as such a bitch on the screen in ANTM.

But god knows how she is like in real, so no judgement.




Ren Vokes.

Adkward looking yet very pretty.

She gave me a feeling like she's a typical emo kid or something when she was in the house with all the girls.

Always annoyed with all the noise the others make and always seem so angsty.

But yeah, I like her a lot but too bad she, too, got eliminated in early stages.



Jessica Serfaty, top 5.

I was praying hard that she at least got into top 5.

Like her a lot because she is so sweet, such a softy and pretty.

Girl-next-door no doubt.

But surprised me that she is only 18 and she is already a mother.

Her story? Pregnant at first time she had sex. lol

What a lucky girl.

And the irony?

Her husband and her went to the same church and they met, had sex for the first time when she was 16 and he was 22 and bam! She was pregnant and they got married and now having a baby son.




And finally, one of the top 2!

Raina Hein!

I would say she looks sort of exotic.

Especially after they have her hair dyed dark colour, it brings out her features even more.

Her dark thick brows are definitely her trademark, I can't stop staring all the while.

Though she does look a bit awkward sometimes with her huge full blown lips especially when she wear bright red lipstick.

I was kinda sad that she didn't won though.

She is so amazingly beautiful in a way, though most her features are quite exaggerated, maybe that's what make her looks amazing.

So I am done with ANTM Cycle 14, I still haven't get to Cycle 13.

I guess I better get to that later in case I got hooked up with it again.

Plus I had just done with the fiction.

A total of 50 chapters which took me more than 3days to finish.

You wouldn't think I would be here updating if I didn't finish it, would you?

Do you think I should start reading a new story now? *wink*

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