Thursday, May 20, 2010

Caught in the Middle

Went for Caught In The Middle last night thanks to Bell and also Nuffnang for the free tickets.

I can't make a joke or even a lame one to save ma own life so it's impossible for me to have won the tickets from Nuffnang maself.

But seems like lame ass Bell could and she won a pair of tickets and hence we went.

Honestly I wouldn't have buy ticket for it if it wasn't for the free tickets but I am glad I went.


But first of all, we didn't know Jaya One has got a theater in there though quite a small one.

We were expecting something bigger but it was sufficient.

Though it wasn't as claimed that 'so funny can die wan!'... still we have our fair share of laughter.

Indeed all mentioned were quite true of Malaysia.

It was quite long considering we had our break at 10.10pm while it started at about 8.40pm.

I would say give an applause to the crew as I was expecting Malaysian timing that it wouldn't start until 9pm but it starts quite one time neglecting the 10minutes delay.

While after about 20mins of break, it continued until about 11.30pm.

Almost 2 hours and a half!

And we ended up with very numb butts.

Maybe they should improvised and have cushion seats instead.

Seriously damn pain wtf.

Conclusion, we didn't die that night.

So it wasn't that so funny.

Okay la, quite funny.

Just not so enough to die.

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ohmywtf said...

lol..good to find u alive :-)

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