Wednesday, May 5, 2010

creative thinking.

Something simple for today creative thinking.

Simple and... only one picture. lol

That's why it's so simple.

And given only one short quote, nothing more nothing less.

Here we are gonna look at a packaging design by P&W from the United Kingdom.


As quoted from the source site of Lovely Package:-
The brief: Packaging for a company producing high end, handmade fresh pasta. The solution: We created fine art style prints of the pasta shapes, each one signed by ‘the artist’. The result: Improved sales and increased listings with no advertising support.”

That's all for today!


Just kidding, a tad too short for creative thinking entry I supposed.

So we are looking at this pasta packaging which looks a tad like the fruit, vege or the meat packaging from the market.

I love the idea totally, making it looks fresh.

As mentioned, it's a high end, handmade fresh pasta and hence the packaging succeed in giving consumer such an impression, don't you think so?

And it was said that the result is good. Improved sales and increased listings with no advertising support. I wonder if it's really true.

That sounds a tad too good to be true but who knows?

It might be possible.

Though I am not sure in Malaysia since I don't think a lot of people cook their own pasta anyway.

This is one kind of inspiration to have.

Only packaging itself with no advertising support it has already serve more than its purposes itself by increasing sales and listing.

Are you looking for such inspiration?

What do you think of this week creative thinking?

p/s: Just found out that P&W did a re-design on Starbucks food packaging, too. Though I am sure no available in Malaysia. Just an extra note.


Lucian Mathilde said...

I've always love these kinda packaging which shows its contents. A food packaging is always good if it is confident enough to show consumers its actually look, and when consumers can see what it is inside, and feels satisfy with the contents, then of course they will be tempted to buy the product. =D

alLets' Lexy said...

totally agreee. XD niceee comment.

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