Wednesday, May 19, 2010

creative thinking.

Today's creative thinking would be sharing about a brand that most girls or even some guys would be very familiar with.

It's about Topshop.

It seems like Topshop's new makeup range has been recently launched. Overseas, yes. Malaysia, I am not sure.

But still it makes a very good topic when it comes to packaging of the new Topshop's new makeup range.


According to the source site,

Says Mary Homer, MD of Topshop “We are extremely excited to be lauching Topshop Make Up for 2010. With the growth of Topshop overseas it seemed the right time to further develop our product range. As we constantly strive to offer up-to-the-minute trends for our customers, we felt that make up was an area where the Topshop aesthetic could be applied. This is one of our most exciting launches for many years and one we are very proud of.”

The look is simple; taking premium cues with dots and stripes, making them accessible with hand-drawn details and type.


It's obvious that Topshop is going on the simple line for their new makeup range.

Yet it managed to accomplish a highly fashionable style through simplicity.

It reserved a feeling of simple yet fun but not tardy.

It might brings a little retro feeling due to dots and stripes and yet it is made modernly retro if there is such words.

The packaging of the new makeup range succeed in separating themselves from the existing products in the market due to the indifference of packaging compare to what we normally see.

In a normal girl's point of view, I would be very excited to try this new makeup range.

And that I have yet to know the quality of it, but the packaging drawn me in.







Personally, I think this overall packaging for the Topshop's new makeup range is awesome.

Not very professionally said but it does give a very exciting feeling to a normal girl like me.

But I am wondering about one thing, what is the target audience for this product?

I am not very sure if the whole packaging design would appeal to the more matured age group. But if the target audience is only more to the younger age group, I guess it would be fine.

Not just fine but awesomely fine.

Are you excited for this product?

Can't wait for it to come to Malaysia?

O'wait. Are you a girl to begin with?



ohmywtf said...

oh..didnt realize topshop also has makeup line now

alLets' Lexy said...

its new in overseas, not sure when they bringing in msia.

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