Wednesday, May 26, 2010

creative thinking.

I'ma kind of running outta idea for the creative thinking weekly post.

Or more like running outta source.

Couldn't exactly find anything that is extraordinary or just plain amazing.

Some on the fine line, very difficult to determine where they stand.

Trying hard to dig amazing stuff for you guys while for the mean time, do bear with me.

So this week creative thinking would be something more than packaging like the usual.

Something that got me thinking for a bit, I guess suitable enough for creative thinking topic.

This is a design by A|D Creative Group from the United States.

According to the source site, Lovely Package:-

“The goal for Off the Leaf was to create an experience where the packaging and the customer interact. The customer becomes part of the packaging experience by getting to choose their own combination of cup and sleeve design. This engagement allows the customer to have his or her own unique experience each time they order a cup of coffee. As hundreds of new coffee products are being marketed to the masses daily, it’s those that generate enough buzz that find their way into the fabric of an audience. The opportunity to design a bold experience, has lead the new brand to successfully balance a premium product with customer interaction.”

So in simple terms, customer can choose on the combinations for their coffee cup design when buying coffee.

Seems creative and interesting but what I am wondering is wouldn't that consume a little too much time while ordering?

Even in the normal coffee shop, while we order we are already spending enough time trying to customize our coffee and now there is this new idea of each customers customizing their own cup design.

So from the usual 'caffe mocha, de-caf, low fat milk, bla bla bla' which is supposedly long and tricky enough, now seems like in Off the Leaf we would go even longer than that with added 'black cover, orange cup, brown sleeve, bla bla bla'.

Actually I really wouldn't mind as I love pretty stuff aka. pretty packaging.

This looks like a new whole deal which I don't mind spend a little more time to customize my own cup.

But what about the usual busy people leading a hectic life has got to say?

Always on the go and never have enough time, would they mind spending double the time from the usual just to get a cup of coffee?

I bet they just want their coffee, better if fuss free.

So what do you say?

Would you mind spending a few more minutes to just customize your own coffee cup or would you rather save the few minutes and have it just normal?

Are you one of those who like pretty stuff, or are you one of those who just wanna get some coffee into the system and go?

Anyway, here's something extra this week to share.

The interior design of Off the Leaf.

Off The Leaf Logo

Off The Leaf Door

Off The Leaf Interior 1

Off The Leaf Interior 2

Off The Leaf Interior 3

Off The Leaf Interior 4

Off The Leaf Interior 5

Off The Leaf Interior 6

Off The Leaf Exterior Sign


Lucian Mathilde said...

The idea is creative, but I wonder if anyone would have such mood to pick a combination or their own? For me it's just a cup of coffee, and the only thing I would appreciate is the liquid inside the cup hahahaha :D But I do like the simplicity of the design @.@

Chee Ching said...


alLets' Lexy said...

lucian, see? that's what i mean. lol but no doubt the design is good. =)

cheeching, lol. i want, too. =P

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