Sunday, May 9, 2010

food share

It's time for an update before ma blog is going to rot!

Geez seriously. I can't believe it that ma blog mojo was really gone with the April month.

Oddly enough really. Or May is just worse than April, there's nothing to blog about.

Doubt it.

But today I have got some pictures to share!

Old pictures, from... March? Was it March?

Why is it that it seems so long ago?

Got these pictures the day I was leaving KL from ma previous trip.

Which was really about a month plus ago, it seems forever to me already.

I have spent the remaining of the day with the boyfriend food hunting in Sunway Pyramid.

Solely on food hunt.


There are quite a lot of food I wanna try in there but never got the chance coz they are always too much and ma tummy is not big enough.

Finally I got to nom nom nom on Yokomon icecream!

I've always think the Yokomon is berry berry cutesy.


I asked the people if I can take pictures of these Yokomon keychain.

I even asked if they are for sale.

Too bad they ain't so I ended up taking lots of photos instead.



Don't you think they are very cute?

Seriously the person who design it is totally brillaint IMO.

I wanna nom nom nom Yokomon icecream the next time I am there!!


After Yokomon icecream session, I wanted Takoyaki.

Takoyaki is always awesome!


Looks super delicious no?

Too bad it isn't.

We have got this from the stall inside Asian Avenue in front of the ShihLin stall which is definitely a disappointment.

Looks nice but... taste not so nice.


We ended up getting another Takoyaki doses later buying from the stall inside Jusco.

That is the real awesome yummilicious Takoyaki ever!

No picture of that, I guess we were rushing at that time.

Before that, we gotta munch on ShihLin fried chicken!


The last time I had it was... at least a year plus ago.

No exaggerating, seriously that long ago.

Also with the boyfriend along with another friend at that time.

I still remember we shared the huge piece of yummy boneless fried chicken.


So juicy!

I wonder why Ipoh never has such food.

Wait. Does Ipoh even have Takoyaki? *frown*

I guess I am gonna be stucked with *quote*Ipoh famous hawker food*unquote* for a while more now.

Seriously when you are Ipoh-ian who is based in Ipoh, you don't go around eating Ipoh Taugeh Chicken nor Ipoh Dim Sum every single day.

So people shall stop telling me to appreciate what I can get in Ipoh because you don't go for those when you have live here all your life.


jfook said...

The takoyaki is too adorable to be eaten..:P

Anonymous said...

muah! we go get more when ur in kl yea! love u bee...

alLets' Lexy said...

jfook, so u dun eat takoyaki? LOL

anon, i know who you are. =P un moreee takoyaki when in kl! XD

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