Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FreshLook Illuminate trial

Previously Bell sent me an email about FreshLook Illuminate.

Found out there's a 3-day Free trial give out available.

Very easy steps, just go to FreshLook Illuminate website, sign up your details and viola! 3 pairs of free FreshLook Illuminate daily disposable lens would be on their way to you.


I forgot when I signed up for that and I totally forgot about it thinking it wouldn't come.

You know how sometimes you sign up for some free stuff and those free stuff never appear?

That's what I thought about this, too.

But surprisingly it arrived yesterday morning in the mail!

In normal mail though.

In the mail contained a brief letter, a voucher that gives 30% off on second box if you are buying the lenses from optical shops, also along with contact lens user guide.

Of course along with the promised 3 pairs of lenses!



Buthen I wasn't expecting much when it comes to the effect of wearing it since... it's more to natural Asian eyes.

That means just slightly bigger iris but still very dark or it makes it almost black.

I love ma brown lens more definitely but who gonna deny free stuff?

Not me definitely.

Especially one from such promising company, I am expecting some good water content in the lens since based on ma past experience, FreshLook lenses water content is higher compare to the Korean lens that I am using now.

So I am expecting some very comfy to wear lens.

And yep, it was good. Really comfy and I can't really feel it in ma eyes.

Water content definitely higher than the current lens that I am wearing.

But the enlarging of the iris is not that obvious, maybe it's just because I am so used to the super large enlarging lens that I wear now but there is a difference after wearing FreshLook Illuminate.

Iris is bigger than ma natural iris, very dark almost to black.

I would put it as natural looking.

Still very natural, not too artificial for those who like having big iris and yet not too artificial.


I can't really accept how I look though especially with ma hair colour now, it's like totally off.

I look like some typical Asian who's a white chick wannabe.

I rather look not so typical Asian though still white chick wannabe aka. the usual me.

Buthen there's two more pairs for me to abuse.

I wonder what I'ma gonna do with them, just wear it to coll and waste it or... wear it when I would be wearing make up.

But damn make up, they can't never be seen when I take pictures. I don't understand why!

I look made up in real but when it comes to pictures, it's like nothing wtf!

Anyway, I guess the free trial give out is still on!

It seems like there are still available so to those who wanna give it a try, faster hop over to FreshLook Illuminate website and sign up for the trial!


kenwooi said...

i dont dare to wear contacts.. dont dare touch my eyeball =P

alLets' Lexy said...

u dun have to touch ur eyeball to wear contact. =/ lol.

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