Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Robin Hood

Got to watch Robin Hood on Sunday at Sunway Pyramid.

Robin Hood, the all known legendary but... due to ma poor memory, I don't quite remember the original story of Robin Hood of how it was supposed to be.

All I remember is the quote of 'rob the rich to help the poor' which confused me a great load especially after finishing the movie.


Even so, I think the movie is quite good.

Just that it was sort of too long. About 2 hours and 15minutes if I ain't mistaken.

Also, I still can't link the quote that was supposed to give me the impression of Robin Hood with this movie.

Tried to Google but am not good when it comes to too many words to read unless if its romance lol.

I know, not much of a constructive review.

Not planning for one either, just because I don't know how to explain about this movie other than stating it's very long.

But if you ask me if its enjoyable, it is.

Though I hate the part where innocent people were killed and burnt, it sort of make me feel depressed.

Yadda yadda, I know it's just a movie but wtf it could had have happened way back in the history god knows.

Still heart wrenching enough.

Anyway, before the movie we had dinner at Pasta Zanmai!

Was looking for a place for dinner and there's a lot that was full, even Pasta Zanmai was full but we managed to get a table.

So we had Pasta Zanmai for dinner!


No doubt I love Pasta Zanmai but I don't really much love the price.

In fact I almost hate the price.

They are all so expensive!!


Only the sets are okay to order since it was the least expensive one but...

I kinda got bored with all the sets already.

Either they are not nice, I don't like it or I have tried them before.

So this time, I tahan pain and ordered something in the menu instead which cost a wound in ma wallet but niceee...



I ordered a side dish of soup.

May special if not mistaken.

Oxtail soup or something, damn nice!!

But too bad it ain't peppery enough plus Pasta Zanmai pepper is tasteless.



That's all for dinner.

So bloated till can't have any snack during the movie.

Buthen the movie was so long and I ended up being so sleepy in the end.

No more Pasta Zanmai for me I guess.


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