Saturday, May 1, 2010

great DiGi broadband!

Yesterday I went on an un-planned minor shopping trip to Jusco.

Was just planning to get movie tickets for upcoming movie marathon on Monday night and whatever else necesities that I would need to be getting.

Ended up... I didn't shop for necessities but... whatever else that I didn't plan.

Grabbed at least 4 magazines that cost me about RM50.

Shoot me already.

Bought some other random stuff and grabbed a Fluxed from Coffe Bean mag stand because I haven't read a Fluxed for a long time. lol

But Coffee Bean came out with new drinks!

New bottled drinks.


Guess what I have got?

Well, ignore the calendar girl, that not what I'ma showing you guys.

There's five to six new bottled drinks that Coffe Bean came out with.

Actually it's similar to what Starbucks has already offer long time ago but no harm trying something new, no?

They offer three different flavour bottled tea and... two or three flavour of bottled coffee which I am not sure if it's two or three.

I grabbed two of the tea drinks.


Surprisingly, it costs only RM7.90 per bottle.

I thought the price would be higher than that, maybe reaching about RM10, so I am very well surprised when I found out about the price.

The flavour that I got is Peach Assam and Jasmine Pearl.

While another flavour that I didn't get is... something Honey if I am not mistaken.

Managed to try on the Peach Assam flavour this morning while having ma yummylicious breakkie.

First sip is quite a disappointment. Though it didn't really get better even after I finished the whole bottle.

The tea taste was okay but the peach flavour wasn't exactly there.

As it is too mild and not flavourful enough, definitely not something that I like.

If I were to compare, the Giant Peach Tazo Tea from Starbucks was the star.

Seriously. Not being biased but that one was definitely good. But it cost RM9.90 if I ain't mistaken.

But I kind like the bottle and the packaging.

Nothing big hoo-haa about the label but the bottle shape is nice.

Something nice enough to keep and make reference of, as for me.

Another big thing that I wanna blog about today is...

I've got ma DiGi broadband!!

Like so finally I have a broadband, a mobile one. lol

Anyway, it was kind of a great deal as if you guys noticed, it's the PC Fair in Ipoh this weekend while in conjunction of this, DiGi roadshow is going on in Ipoh Parade as well.

Since Bell got her in KL PC Fair, so I was expecting a great deal during this time now in Ipoh, too.

So wonder what's the great deal?

The promotion now is for the 10GB package which was supposed to cost RM108 now only RM50!

In details, I have to sign up one year contract with DiGi broadband for a 10GB package. So for the first 6months it would be RM50 per month and after that it would be following by RM98 per month.

While the option of changing packages whether upgrading or downgrading will always be available so it's up to me whether I wanna pay RM98 after the first six month or downgrade to pay only RM58.

Then if I wanna discontinue in the one year time, all I have to pay is the remaining months that I didn't get to use and pay RM15 per month for it.

O' plus free modem.

Also with RM5 rebate every month when use Autopay for the bill.

So it's only RM45 for the first 6 months! For 10GB package.

Anyway this promotion is until tomorrow!

So one more day for those who's in Ipoh and wanna get the DiGi broadband for the amazing great deal!

Hop over to Ipoh Parade or the PC Fair, though am not sure if they have it in the PC Fair, I guess there would be.

And I swear DiGi did not pay me anything to write this.

I just personally think this is such a great deal not to share with anyone.

Though I don't mind if DiGi wanna sponsor me anything that I wrote this now. lol

How I wish.

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elynn-p :] said...

haha. pity u digi didn't pay u for this. hehe.

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