Wednesday, May 5, 2010

IronIp Man 2

I have left ma blogging mojo with April.

No more blogging mojo now.

Surprise. Much.

Anyway, I am, again, on Sex and The City series marathon now which explain where ma weekend has gone to.

Am currently on Season 6 already! But there's like 6discs for Season 6 itself.

I'ma gonna take forever to finish it.

Anyway, I have went to the two movies that everyone has been talking about since last Thursday.

Movie marathon with ma friends!

Watched both Ironman 2 and Ip Man 2 straight in one night.

After effect? Butt pain.

Ironman 2 was awesome!


Not as awesome as Ironman 1 maybe but still awesome!

Though Robert Downey Jr. is a tad too joker-ish in there, too silly for ma liking but the overall movie still rocks sock.

And Scar Jo is so droolable.

I was almost gawking at her the whole movie.

Sexxaaaaayyy. Totally sexaaaay.

No need for spoiler, everyone is watching it or already watched it.

If you haven't go watch!

And must take note of the "ex-wife"! LOL

One of the big joke in the movie itself, "ex-wife".

I actually kinda regretted that I organised to watch Ironman first before Ip Man, thinking about it I would have switched watching Ip Man and then only Ironman.


Ip Man has a tad of... sad scenes in it.

Made me sad. Not exactly right to watch something that is sad right after something that is excited and crazy.

Kinda make ma emotional go haywire a little bit.

Just a little bit, I swear.

But hell, Ip Man 2 is also awesome!

Don't ask me whether Ironman rocks more than Ip Man or vice versa because... how do you compare a Chinese movie about old times to an English movie about the future?

I wouldn't know how to compare, there's nothing much to compare to begin with.

But Donnie Yen is so adorableeeee!

Not exactly adorable in the sense of manly adorable but... cute puppy sort of adorable. lol

Don't ask, he gives off that sort of feelings in the movie. To me at least.

But I've read saying that Donnie Yen has show disinterest to act in Ip Man 3!!


That would spoil everything.

No Donnie Yen as Ip Man in Ip Man 3, I can't imagine it.

But definitely mood killer already now.

That's all for the movies now.

Creative Thinking coming up next!

Very soon.

Coming later in the noon.


elynn-p :] said...

haha. anyway, nanged for you this time. =)

alLets' Lexy said...

thanks there.

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