Monday, May 31, 2010

Letters to Juliet

I have manage to catch quite some movies lately.

Maybe because it's summer and that's when all the good movies and also LOTS of movies that go on screen.

Before I come back from KL from ma previous trip, I managed to catch Letters to Juliet with the Boyfriend.

Romance movie, of course one to watch with the other half, no?

Anyway, that's one movie I have been anticipating.

Definitely a hopeless romance fans here.


Amanda Seyfried, main actress in this movie, as Sophie Hall.

In ma very own opinion, Amanda Seyfried is pretty.

Very pretty indeed but there's always a certain vibe around her that makes me think that she is a little bit scary.

Maybe due to the movie, Jennifer's Body that has given me such impression on her but it stayed.

It stays till even now, I still think she looks a little bit scary with her very pretty face.

But no doubt, she is good in the movie.

Or maybe just the movie plot is real good.

I totally love the movie and of course the place where most the scenes took place, Verona in Italy.

Such an amazing place to be.

Here's the sypnosis for the movie and for those who doesn't even want a tiny bit spoiler, close your eyes and scroll pass this.

Letters To Juliet is an enchanting love story -- a tale of encountering new sparks and rekindling old flames. When Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), a young American, travels to Verona, Italy -- the romantic city where Romeo first met Juliet -- she meets a group of volunteers who respond to letters written to Juliet seeking romantic advice. Sophie finds and answers a letter that has been lost for 50 years, and is stunned when its author Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) arrives in Italy with her handsome but overprotective grandson (Christopher Egan) to find the fiance she left decades before. Fascinated by Claire's quest, Sophie joins them on an adventure through the beautiful hills of Tuscany searching for Claire's long lost Lorenzo. The journey will change their lives forever, as they discover it's never too late to find true love.

And here's the trailer.

And what makes the movie even better for me is somewhere at the ending, they use Love Story by Taylor Swift in the scene!!

Just like in the trailer.

Kill me omg!

I'ma super sucker for Love Story by Taylor Swift wtf.

This movie is seriously recommended by me.

Though... only for those who like romance or else it's gonna be a waste of time.

I'ma giving a rating of 7/10.

For me, it's quite high rating for a romance considering there isn't much points to judge of.

Guess that's all about Letters to Juliet.

I so feel like watching it again and I will.



I forgot to include some screenshots from the movie!!

I have them but how can I forget and now that I remember... I decided to update this post. lol


kenwooi said...

funny thing i've never heard of this movie.. =/

but now i do =)

alLets' Lexy said...

now that you do, go watch! nicceeee. XD

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