Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mom's Day

Mom's Day celebration!

Means more food post!

Excited much? Geez.

Guess I have been skipping quite some food post since I think ma blog is too food post overload sometimes. Hence the toning down and now it's time for some food to make an appearance here.

Ma family always celebrate Mother's Day not on the day itself but mostly the day after.

Main reason is to avoid the crowd.

This year we celebrated with the extended family which includeds ma siblings, ma granny, ma uncle and aunties, ma cousins and the next generation.

Quite a dinner, we love big big dinner with lotsa peeps.

This year we have a total of seven Moms including ma granny, ma mom, two of ma aunties, ma sister and also ma cousin sisters.

Almost all Moms from ma family are there.

We had the celebration at Unique Seafood Ipoh where I had written a review on it in previously.


We were once again in the private room where it can fit two tables with karaoke system!

Buthen those songs are like old school, more like typical chinese karaoke system?

And some songs has pinyin but those pinyin are terribly out, enough to make me lmao while others were trying to sing.


Some sort of nice chilli belacan or something which ma uncle, ma aunt and ma mom was obsessed of.

Each of them has their own plate of it.

I think ma mom and her siblings are practically obsessed of anything spicy.

Chilli padi, tabasco, whatever kancheong chilli sauce and bla bla bla.


Red wine for the adults while... grape sparkling juice for the kids!

While that... I don't remember whether its red wine or sparkling juice but I think its red wine since... both ma parents beside me were having the wine.

Seriously, we brought like... a carton of red wine plus sparkling juice.

I really don't understand how we can actually finish it... or we didn't, am not sure.


Food... some assorted dish.

I never know what they call this in English.


Shark fin soup!

And don't worry, I'ma almost sure that its faux one.

It didn't even taste like real one.

And it taste... bad.

Not nice.


This is one awesome shrimp dish!

Something with oat, very yummy oat with shrimp.

Definitely yum yum!

And there's so much oat to nom nom nom.


And I don't remember what is this dish but I remember there's a lot of different mushrooms in there.

I'ma mad love mushrooms fans.

And it has some sort of abalone in it.

Very chewy abalone which we were wondering if it's real or not lol.

Seems like there's lots of faux stuff we were having that night.


Glutinous rice!

That didn't taste like glutinous rice.

Somehow it was very bad compare to normal days.

It used to taste very niceeeeeeeee...


I bought this fabulous chocolate cake for all the Mommy that night.

It's called Lacho, very gao with chocolate and its totally superb!!


1.5kg and all gone.

Eaten and tapao-ed.

Everyone loveeees it.

I paid about RM87 for a 1.5kg though quite worth for such yummy cake.


Here's all the Mommy on that night.

Sitting one were ma granny on the left and ma aunt on the right. Ma mom's sister in that matter, ma beloved aunt.

Standing from right is ma sis in law, ma cousin sis, ma sister, ma mom and ma another aunt.

While... guess who's the youngest among them?


This is gonna be a fun guess.


Gonna end the post with a photo of ma Mama and Granny.

Ma mom was cute. This is like third shot because she can't keep her eyes open for a picture.


Seriously, everytime her eyes seems to be closed and I'll have to retake and remind her to keep them open lol.

Hence the laughter-alike smile.


kenwooi said...

7 mums.. wow. haha.
mother's day is like food's day hor? =P

alLets' Lexy said...

there's more actually. not all attended lol.
and for chinese, any ocassion is food day! XD

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