Monday, May 24, 2010

nom nom nom Apple

I'ma back to Ipoh once again after a week plus!

Guess ma insane blogging mojo gonna start again now since I can't concentrate much in blogging when I am in KL.

Never know why but those few blog posts I wrote in KL were damn crappy, I know.

Just hopefully now it's all gonna be good again.

And at least a consistent update.

So first post now after I came back, guess what?


Something familiar you see?

Yup, I has got new toy.

Have you got your big clue already now?

Something that is *openinvertedcomma*huge*closeinvertedcomma* enough to bar ma credit card.

Seriously, ma credit card now is over limit mainly due to that.

To confirm your suspicion, Yes! I have got ma first Apple product!


Ma new baby, MacBook Pro.

I wasn't exactly an Apple fans previously but all thanks to ma Sifu who kept on poisoning me with his Mac frenzy and now I got infected with his disease.

Not poisoned with the mere of the famous name of the brand itself but the smart technology. Definitely am addicted to the technology used.

But too bad, am not rich enough to get a super nice one.

Still, I wanna thank ma parents to agree to give me such an expensive birthday present. Though ma birthday is still about three weeks away.


Now its time to learn about Mac and how to utilise it fully and nicely.

Though it's gonna take a while since I hate reading manual, still luckily enough I have bought a Independent Guide to the Mac magbook previously.

So now it's all magbook, Uncle Google and... maybe Apple forums.

While ma old lappie is supposedly to be passed down to ma Dad but it's gonna take a few months more, I can't open ma assignments in the Mac!

Can't bear to convert everything so I might stick to ma old lappie till the end of the semester at least.

So dual lappie now!

Now... ma lovely yummy Apple, I wanna nom nom nom you!!


kenwooi said...

i got macbook-not-pro only.. not fair.. i got mighty mouse instead of magic mouse.. not fair also.. =P

ohmywtf said...

congrates and enjoy ur apple....i believe u have to survive on apple too since ur broke

greenteacarm said...

:D :D lol. so sexy your apple :O *Drools*

Spectre said...

don't nom nom nom this apple . Give me lah

Lucian Mathilde said...

I hate choo I hate choooooo!!!

alLets' Lexy said...

kenwooi, where got not fair one.

ohmywtf, erm... true also. =(

greenteacarm, thankyou. XD sexy apple.

spec, give you nom nom nom? CANNOT!! piff.

lucian, lalala...~ you know you lab meee muahahaha.

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