Thursday, May 6, 2010

one mistake or three failures?

Today we have a random topic here.

The other day when I was talking with a friend, suddenly this pops out that got me thinking.

We talked for 8 hours, we talked about almost everything and anything in our lives, so naturally the topic comes to relationship.

Something that I don't exactly talk about in ma blog for a while already now.

I used to, just not anymore.

Like how Joyce Wong from KinkyBlueFairy always says, blogging about relationship makes the relationship goes bad most the time.

But today, am gonna break the rules.

Not that am gonna talk about relationship all the way now, just this post that relates a tiny bit to relationship maybe.

We were talking and then something crossed ma mind.

You know the saying where everyone keep telling each other that no one is perfect, everyone makes mistake.

I do not deny everyone is not perfect, nor do I deny that everyone make mistakes.

Its just that am always been told this especially when one tell a lie and been figured out.

It's like you lie, and then your lie got outta the bag and been known to the person you are lying to. So isn't it normal and okay for the person who got lied to, to get angry and feel upset.

But what cross ma mind is... why would a person lie to begin with?

So it is like you did something wrong and so you make a lie to cover the first mistake.

But did you realised that by lying to cover up, you have already made the second mistake.

Of course if you are lucky enough, the lie wouldn't be figured out.

But what if we put it in a way that one mistake equals to one failure?

Failure, minor failure whatever you wanna put it but a failure.

So when you made the first mistake, you failed once.

Of course making a mistake is normal for imperfect human being like us but how many of us would gladly be making the second mistake which is to lie and cover up the first mistake?

I bet there would be plentiful and that is where the second failure comes in.

While it would all stop there again but... most the time lies tend to get outta the bag.

Seriously, if the lie got all hidden well enough at least you succeed once in two failues but if it doesn't... you practically failed the third time as to fail keeping the lie inside the bag instead.

And now you know why would your other half get so mad most the time when they figured out you were lying.

I would say lying is the worst mistake you could ever do because it contains three failures and two mistakes.

Why couldn't a mistake stop at being only one mistake?

If you were to confess right after the first mistake, then everything would stop there without having to go through all the unnecessary lies, mistakes, failures and whatever not.

But of course, we are simply all human beings.

No one is perfect, definitely.

I wouldn't say I never lie before. White lies or not, I did.

But in a relationship, I tend not to lie. I feel guilty, I choose confession rather than lying all the time.

I stopped after making the first mistake instead of carrying it on to more mistakes.

But the thought of one failing to hide a lie is equals to three failures got me thinking. Or got ma friend laughing in this matter.

Of course people who couldn't accept a confession better than accepting that the other half have lied is no help in this matter.

One of the reasons why some people choose to lie instead, I supposed.

So would you choose confession after making the first mistake or would you choose to make the second mistake and risking having did three failures?


kenwooi said...

i wouldnt blog about my relationship.. haha..

confess on the first mistake would be good.. =)

fran said...

i usually don't wish to lie the second time 'if' the person don ask me anymore questions... but if he/she ask, i will make a second lie. =/

jfook said...

I always believe that after you have done the first mistake, you would definitely repeat all over again if you don't have the determination to remind yourself not to repeat all over again.

alLets' Lexy said...

jfook, haha. its just about confession or not actually. confession or lie?

fran, erm... it's not about second lie. lying about sth is already second mistake you can do. sure the first is already a mistake or else why would u wanna lie about it? geez.

kenwooi, i don't either. not anymore at least. this is jut a general thoughts. =)
and most ppl can't take confession either, which is another reason why the other half chose to lie.

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