Monday, May 10, 2010

pretty breakfast

Woke up this morning still in time to have a pretty breakfast.

Was trying to have egg in the bread with cheese on top but if so then I couldn't get the pretty picture of the egg.

So I separated them both in two pieces of eggs instead.

There's some baby tomatoes in the fridge.

I know, it's cherry tomatoes but baby tomatoes sound cuter.


Ma hand slipped while trying to put some pepper.

You see the pepper spot, but I love pepper so it's okay.

Doesn't it look good?

But the egg kinda overspilled the square that I cut out from the bread.

I wanted to do a round shape or better yet, a heart shape but I have no cutter so I did not try.

Buthen looks can be deceiving. Especially in pictures.

I secretly wish for an oven. I did this in the microwave.

Microwave sucks when it comes to egg and bread.

I had a more than 10 years old oven downstairs but I ain't keen so I used the microwave instead.

So yeah, looks can be deceiving, the bread didn't taste that good even though with the melted cheese.


But it looks good enough to pass off as a pretty breaskfast, no?

I love pretty breakfast.

Sure enough one day am gonna try this using an oven instead.

To make sure not only it looks good but taste good, too.

Anyone wanna buy me a heart shape cutter?


ohmywtf said... type of breakfast..healthy and pretty :-)

Glo-w~* said...

yummy n healthy breakfast^^

Kelvin said...

I rather fry the egg if i were u:)

alLets' Lexy said...

glow, not so yummy actually. =P looks can be deceiving haha.

ohmywtf, pretty! ma type of breakfast is pretty breakfast! XD

kelvin, fry egg is so... =/ i dunno. egg pouch is so awesome.

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