Friday, May 14, 2010

Second Home FTW!

I'ma on ma waaaaaaayyy to KayEllleeeeeeee.

Yep, scheduled post.

I think now I would be in the middle of the highway heading back to Subang Jaya.

Yes, heading back!


Benny and I joked that we are KL-ian wannabe so I'll have to write I am 'heading back' instead of going to, no?

Officially KL-ian wannabe here.

Anyway, since am going to 'head back' to KL and then I would be going out right after I got there then I supposed I wouldn't have time to update ma blog until... god knows when.

Maybe then it would be until this Sunday pretty tasty before anything's gonna be up.

So I have decided that I should at least schedule one post for tomorrow since I have some pictures!

Seriously now that I realised the wide angle lens that I bought is not... wide enough.

Quite narrow compare to what I imagine... a little bit disappointed but with that price, I should stay with it for a while before I can find a better one.

That if then I have the money to spend.

Aaaahhh outta topic!

Topic is last night a sudden plan to hang out at Starbucks.

It began when Emiko told me she had her hair curled.


I just had ma hair 'wash straight' and now she had her hair curl lol.

So I decided I shall go see her face before I ran off to KL for about 10days.

And hence the Starbucks.

Then I was just teasing Benny sending him a text with a mere word of Starbucks and he was there to join us.

Talk about someone being addicted to Starbucks, I think the latest one would definitely be Benny.

Since Emiko and I haven't had our dinner, we tapao-ed Sushi King from right beside and... we had our sushi dinner in Starbucks itself.


Second home ftw!!

Seriously, the baristas just let us be.

And look at the mess and how comfy we are in there, practically home.

Hijacked three sofa and two tea tables.



I had sushi while Emiko had Unagi bento.

I didn't even know Sushi King can tapao-ed bento!!

Buthen... the chawanmushi was in such awkward position and there's no spoon.

I ended up slurping them with straw in the end because chopstick wouldn't pick it up anymore.

And what surprised me more was the miso soup!

I mean... miso powder.

Since tapao-ed one, they gave one packet of miso soup in powder form and you have to mix them with hot water yourself.

Guess what we did?



Again, second home ftw!!

Miso soup in Starbucks mug! lol

Now you now why I love ma Starbucks so much.

Note, it's MA Starbucks lol.

That's all for now!

Hopefully I will have time to update when I am in KL buthen even now I have ma scheduled full on Friday(tomorrow), Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.


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