Monday, May 17, 2010

Starbucks icecream

After looking at it in the internet for so long, I finally found it!

Previously I swear that I'ma gonna hunt for it when I am in KL and I am now but I didn't do much.

I just walked into Cold Storage to the icecream isle and then I saw it staring back at me... waiting.


This is what I am talking about!

Starbucks IceCream!

Nop, they are not selling in Starbucks.

I heard some ppl say Cold Storage while many doesn't even know it exist.

Yes, it does exist.

Since few years back in overseas.

Now some got bring in by Cold Storage, other than Cold Storage am not sure where else.

I bought it and went to Starbucks to nom nom nom because so they couldn't say I bring outside food.

Yes, I do literally brought it from outside but it Starbucks!

I wonder how they are going to deny their own brand. *tongue*


So pretty! So Starbucks!

It's only RM20.

Its like 10bucks cheaper than Haagen Dasz and 8bucks cheaper than Ben&Jerry!

And it tasteeee niceee!!

Almost as nice as Haagen Dasz.


But really, it's nice.

The coffee taste is very aromatic.


But too bad I think we kept it for too long and it sort of starting to melt when we wanna nom nom nom.

But still taste good!!

Believe it!

But finishing one tube at one go is kinda too much.

Next time I shall buy in bulk and hide all in ma house so I can nom nom nom Starbucks icecream anytime!


ohmywtf said... so going to look for it! thx!

Anonymous said...

that was awesome hor!! muax!!

Spectre said...

still prefer the *ice cream man* on wheels or IKEA RM 1

alLets' Lexy said...

ohmywtf, good~ XD no prob.

spec, haha! i still love mcd sundae kon, too. =P

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