Monday, June 14, 2010

22nd already...

It's ma 22nd birthday yesterday!

While today is ma Mom's birthday.

So we had dinner with the family yesterday just for a simple celebration.

And surprisingly this year, I did not celebrate with a single friend.

Other than the fact that I made the Boyfy to promise its ma birthday for the whole month of June. lol

Good enough I supposed.



That's like the best curl I've ever done maself and I don't know if the Asience shampoo helps or the fact that I just had hair treatment a few days ago.

Too bad that the length is quite short or else it would be so much better.

But wth, those are still awesome curls.

Back to the dinner...


Since it's ma Mom's birthday, I bought a Mocha cake for her.

No cakey for me since... we kinda got sick of cake.

We had a cake for Mom's day last month, we had a cake for Mom's birthday now and next week we gonna have another cake for Dad's day.

I ran out of idea of what cake to buy already sob.



After dinner, it's picture time!

On a side note, ma aunt who went to pick up the cake at the bakery forgot to bring the cake down from the car and she practically left it there for like 3 hours.

Luckily it was just normal cake or else... hancur!

But luckily the cake was still looking good and taste yummy.


Dad, Mom, sis and the two monkeys.

Okay, the two monkeys are my brother's children.

But yeah, look at the two monkeys, taking a decent pictures are made impossible.

Even three shots or even more couldn't get a decent pictures of everyone.

Hard work being me, the photographer. lol


One last shot with the kids.

That's all for the night!

Other than our table got the lucky draw, won some prizes and nothing much.

When it ended, it rained and I got wet and hair flat. lol


Lean said...

Dropping by ere Stella. Nice pics u have there

Hilda Milda said...

Happy belated birthday :D

Anonymous said...

EEE!!! MA BABY SO PRETTY!!! Love u!! Muax!!!

alLets' Lexy said...

hilda thanks~ ^^

lean, thankyouu. =)

anon, stop being such a kid. =P lol.

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