Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I haven't been blogging much or doing anything much at all these two days.

That is because... I was on drama marathon.

Finally am done watching this Taiwanese drama.

At 5.20am.

Thank god or else god knows how many times gonna be spent on it somemore.

Autumn's Concerto in English or direct translate from Chinese 下一站,幸福, Next Stop, Happiness.

I'ma totally slow at watching this because this consider as quite an old drama as most people watch it way way way back before.

But main reason I wanted to watch this is because of Vanness 吴健豪 to begin with but I have got no source until now.

Hence being the slowpoke.

But no doubt it's nice!

As claimed by... most people I know that have watched it.

Cliché like usual dramas of course but nice...

Also, Vanness is so good-looking!

Can die dot com.

Another thing is the small kid in the drama is super uberly giler cuteness overdosed max!!

Name 小小彬 (Xiao Xiao Bin) whom... I have never seen in any Taiwanese drama so far, the first time.

Honestly his character as 梁曉樂 (Liang Xiao Le) is so goddamn max adorable.

Also impossibly matured for a 5 years old in the drama.

Anyway, due to this drama, am getting addicted to the OST 我爱他 (I Love Him) by Della

Enjoy the song that I embedded here.

Anyway, I should be posting up Urbanscapes 2010 pictures soon.

Plus creative thinking should be tomorrow noon.

Hopefully I can get it up on time.



vivi-angel said...

dear i love this drama so much, did you heard their songs too? its nice.

v!vi@n said...

i love this drama so much pun!!!! and they xiao xiao bin..mad cute can!!!!! i tak tahan see him, i wanna cubit his face..LOL...

simonso said...

i also should start drama'ing.

alLets' Lexy said...

vivi dear, there i embed one song. =)

vivian, hahahaa. i want cubit also!

simon, what kind of drama? hehee.

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