Thursday, June 10, 2010

creative thinking.

Well, this week creative thinking has been delayed since I couldn't get it up by 12pm this Wednesday.

But here it is now. I don't wanna miss a week of creative thinking or else I guess sooner or later I will miss it a lot and ended up not posting at all.

Hopefully not.

Today I am going to share a design of lip balms.


According to the source site, The Dieline...

There is nothing to be according to actually.

No quote, no desccrption, nothing.

Just a mere "Hurraw! is a nicely designed line of vegan earth friends lip balms. Take a look below."

Yes, that's definitely what's written at The Dieline and I wonder why.

But at least it was written there "nicely designed".



Anyway, so why I wanna share this though there isn't much written about it is because I think this is quite a product and an idea to be made reference of.

Only reference... I didn't say its the best or what.


Though according to one of the comments from The Dieline page:-

The inclusion of 'raw' in the product name refers to the fact that all ingredients are raw: none of them have reached over 118 degrees Fahrenheit during production. In this case, the inclusion 'raw' in the name is actually a plus and helps to describe the product!

I was wondering what's with the "HURRAW!" about before I read that and after I did, it makes sense.

And making a good stand point, too.

Since it's one of the product USP and clearly written in it's brand name.



Plus there are about 13 different flavours, it just seems so pretty and attractive in a way.

Can I have all, each and every flavours of the lip balm?

I am considering of buying but I don't exactly use lip balm.


Also, the HURRAW! website is simple and nice.

Something that I like.

So anyway, do you think this "nicely designed" line of lip balm worth the mention of its design?

I do think it does plus it's creative in a way or two so its well worth mentioning in creative thinking at least.

What do you say?


greenteacarm said...

haha i think it looks cute ;)

suhaisweet said...

nice n3..visit mine if free k.;D

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