Wednesday, June 16, 2010

creative thinking.

This week creative thinking would be of my favourite brand, Starbucks!

It seems like Starbucks came out with recycled mugs.

The word 'recycled', doesn't that sounds good?

I got suck into the recycle thingy by some friends who seems to be a bit obsessed of saving the Earth.

Okay... maybe not obsessed just... care of saving the Earth a little bit more than normal people do.

So now I'ma sucker for saving the Earth, too, maybe.

I just can't give up the aircon. Sigh.

But other than that, recycle sounds pretty good to me.

Recycling is such an effort to save the Earth at least and Starbucks is doing it! Again.

Other than their usual 'bring your tumbler to Starbucks and get RM2 off'.


Now according to the source site, The Dieline:-

"This recycled ceramic mug was brought to life in a zero-waste factory in Japan, which reuses the clay of former mugs and dishes to create new ones. It's a story of reuse and renewal that is told from mug to package. The particles coming together to form words and shapes represent a renewed respect for resources. For from broken bits of ceramic, we can make beautiful things."

Design: Alice Friedel

Creative Manager: Fumi Watanabe

Writer: Francesca Merlini


Zero-waste factory! Omg even the factory is such a Earth saving factory that produce zero waste.

No waste at all! So amazing to begin with.

While the design of the mugs are simple, just simple cute white mugs with words.

And those words bring the meaning of recyle.

Reinvent, reincarnate, renew.

Simple and straightforward.



Even the packaging is simple and straight to the point wordings telling about the mugs and what made of.

Minimal packaging, minimal paper usage and minimal waste.

Smart packaging for smart product.

Now do you like the creative thinking this week?

Hopefully you do!

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