Tuesday, June 15, 2010

egg & toast...

I am quite hungry right now...

which reminds me that I have this picture of ma breakfast in the afternoon in ma draft.

Hence I shall blog.


This time I made this using an oven instead of microwave.

You know how microwave sucks at making egg and toast.

So this time I make a little bit more of effort to go all the way to downstairs kitchen to use the tiny mini little super old oven to cook this.

Does this even consider as cooking? lol

And by the way, please do not be surprise at the bunch of vege beside the egg and toast.

I forgot what those vege are called, beans?

Green beans? Maybe...

But those are yummy even though baked.


Don't tell me you have never have baked green beans.

Some friend was surprised when he saw those green beans in the 'in the process' picture.

Damn him really. lol

Anyway, this time it taste... a tad better.

Since the toast taste more like toast though I still did over-cooked the egg a bit.

I shall make more attempt!

Though that I might need to kidnap the tiny mini little super old oven from downstairs to put it upstairs.

Upstairs no more space for it already damn.

Damn the egg toast picture, am officially craving for eggs now.

4.34am right now.

I shall head to bed.


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elynn-p :] said...

delicioussss breakfast!!

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