Thursday, June 10, 2010


Lady GaGa's new song, Alenjandro!

Just wanna share the music video.

Love the song already.

Though it seems like Lady GaGa's oddness has tone down in this music video, she looks too humanly normal.

But love those men around her in heels, dancing to the tune.

So awesome lol.

She seems normal in the music video, but seems like her dancers are not.

What a change.

Anyway, I have heard that Christina Aguilera has come out with a new album, Bionic.

Personally I think her style for the new albums is too dangerously similar to GaGa and it just seems such a ripoff.

Couldn't find the music video for the song but here is the making.

Look and tell me it ain't GaGa.

Those things in Christina's music video is so much of what GaGa would do or have done.

Christina might be able to make it if there's no GaGa to begin with but with Lady GaGa in the industry now, it seems a little desperate to me.

I still rather stick with GaGa.

Love max GaGa!


FiSh said...

hahas her look there scares me off but the song is nice ;D

v!vi@n said...

i love this video..and i love lady gaga!!!

alLets' Lexy said...

fish, she doesn't even look scary in this alejandro video! lol.

vivian, i think i love telephone and paparazzi video more actually. but love those men in heels. =P

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