Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kitchen Creatures

Few more hours before concert!

Excited giler dot com.

Anyway since am waiting for the Princess Miao Bell to get ready before going to get her for dinner, I decided to blog!

Because this pictures has been in ma draft since weeks ago.

Prolly two weeks ago since I took them the previous trip I was in KL.

Ironically, I am in KL also now. lol

Confusing wtf.

So finally I got the chance to go to this restaurant where I have been reading about from lots of blogs especially the famous one.

Kitchen Creatures in Bandar Utama Centerpoint!


It got me interested due to all the good reviews from bloggers and also the fact that it states there "No Frills Dining".

No service charge, no government tax, no extra charges, nothing.

Who wouldn't be interested eh.

Plus I have heard that the food price there are mostly very reasonable and could be consider as cheap for the food that is offer there.


So previous trip I decided that I die die also must go try!

And yes, I went!

As expected, no disappointment!

Mostly though.

Interior wise, it was quite okay.

Love those tanglung lights they have hanging all around the restaurant.



Also love the chalkboard they have up but the tables and chairs in the restaurant are a bit weird.

Most of them are white rectangular tables with white chairs and outta sudden there were few wooden tables and chairs which mostly belong to Chinese restaurant.

If you ask me, I think it's kinda odd.

Too odd.

But as long as the food is good, no complain.


But IMO, the drinks aren't really good.

Plus quite pricey compare to the rest of the menu.

Ice lemon tea and ginger root beer taste weird in a way.

Definitely not in ma favourite list.

While we have wild mushroom soup and stuffed mushroom as appetizers, those were real good.



Plus cheap!

If I wasn't mistaken the soup cost RM5.90 and the mushroom cost RM7.90.

For such delicate yummy dishes, those prices are damn well worth it.

And we had the always recommended Feta Cheese Spinach Pizza!


I never have vegetable pizza before especially spinach with lotsa lotsa cheese.

I forgot to ask for extra cheese but still, those cheese is already overloaded.

Definitely ma favourite so far!

So cheesy and so yummmyy...!

I'ma almost fighting for those feta cheese cubeee on the pizza lol.

And now I can't wait to go back there again.

Too bad this trip I might not have the time to since this trip schedule is as well full.

So next trip die die also I wanna go back again! Geez.

While for now, I gotta run to get the Miao Princess, dinner and CONCERT!!

Maydaaayyy heree we comeeee!!!


FeeQ said...

haha i went there too last friend ate the chicken carbonara till come out tears coz too nice XD

alLets' Lexy said...

feeq, i wanna try carbonara, too! XD

kianfai87 said...

aww, I miss the food in K.C.

=) good post!

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