Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ma Radio ad...

Still remember the radio ad assignment that I have mentioned previously?

Though new reader wouldn't know of course.

But I have finally decided to post it here in ma blog!

Geez. Max paiseh wtf.

First time uploading sth on Youtube, too.

So bear with the ugly face of it ya.

I wish I could do all the video editing and sort of stuff, but nah... I couldn't.

So here it is, the radio ad that I did as my assignment.

Actually, it was just a last minute one.

Got the facts from Water.org site if I ain't mistaken.

Just a simple one by taking few of the facts available and put them together plus the last line and that's all.

And... don't laugh at me for this.

The voice...

It is actually me!

Yes. Really.

I couldn't find anyone last minute plus I have got no suitable female friends available for me here in Ipoh hence I was forced to use my own voice.

But luckily there's some effect available in the Adobe Audition that I used.

Thank god!

But still... some friends do laugh at me for the voice part.


Anyway, do comment ya.

But stricly no laughing.



Lean said...

Dropping by ere Allets

Anonymous said...

its not bad baby~ muax ne~

fran said...

eh!! how come ur voice like small girl out of a sudden??? LOL
cant reli hear what u were saying anyway. haha

alLets' Lexy said...

fran, edited ma. =.="
on louder and you can hear la wtf.

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