Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mayday awesome DNA!

My mind is everywhere and my thought is like scattered all over the place.

I wonder if I can manage this post without making all of you confused of what I am talking about.

I am just this one person who never has a good memory.

Even awesome stuff like Mayday concert, of course I can very well remember that it was friggin awesome but exact concert going and stuff?

I am so sorry to say I can't remember every single details of it.

I will try though.

But just again, I will have to thank Joshua for all these pictures in this post.

Without him, I bet I wouldn't even be blogging about this lol.

Just because I didn't bring my camera and I was thinking I might as well enjoy the hell outta it instead of multitasking trying to take pictures.

But I am so lucky that Joshua and SJ was there!

Hence all pictures credit to Joshua.

I am not a die hard fans of Mayday.

I just love their concerts and music, just not a fans enough.

But Mayday concerts are the best ever so I once told Bell that if Mayday is gonna have concert in Malaysia, we gonna go to all of them!

So we did this time, our second time.

Hesitantly we bought tickets for the Rock Zone, costing both of us hell loads of sweat, blood and money but luckily in the end I definitely do not regret our decision.


We actually planned to reach there by 7pm plus or so but we ended up reaching as early as 6pm and skipped dinner due to getting lost somewhere during the journey.

But I was so shocked to see the amount of people already gathering there!

Giler siao hell loads of people and those who are supposedly going into Rock Zone has already been queuing up.

Super fcuking long queue already FML.


And suddenly while I was queuing I spotted a super tall guy and guess who? lol

SJ and then I saw Joshua running around taking pictures of a bunch of Hardcore Mayday fans there.

Both of them VIP giler, no need to queue so we only met up when the door is already open to go in and camwhore.




The fact that neither Bell and I brought our camera, Joshua's camera got hijacked by us to camwhore lol.

So generous of him.


And I can't resist this picture. lol

OMG SJ so tall can die dot com wtf!

Or just maybe Bell is the one too short. lol

She's gonna kill me for this.

And then we got in... waited and stood all the way behind in Rock Zone.

Around 8pm plus, there's an opening act by some new singers from one of the Malaysia singing competition show and then a Malay singer who actually sang Chinese song so awesome even better than the Chinese.

Couldn't catch his name nor I know who he is though.

After him, come Della Ding 丁噹 as one of the opening act as well.

I never really like her nor do I dislike her but her voice blew me away.


I didn't know she is that good until she sang live right there and I was like omfg so friggin awesomeeeeeeeeee one!!

And then only I decided she's good enough to be the guest artist for Mayday. lol

Talk about being mean huh.


Before the backdrop came down, the concert started with videos.

Mayday concert always has a very clear theme along with videos, like you are watching some movie during the concert.

It was a lot of effort and super amazing.

This time the theme is DNA while I couldn't really understand Chinese so I can't exactly put the message behind the whole concert into words here.


While before the concert start, everyone in the Rock Zone was given a balloon and an instruction hence when the song 人生海海 came up, everyone of us blew the balloon up and ready to throw them into the air during one part of the song.

So during that song, we have lots of balloons in the air bouncing around and the feeling was so amazing.

It feels so good to have done that while everyone there who doesn't even know one another had got together to do this just for Mayday.

At one part, Mayday said they were surprised that we could even have balloons hidden among us until that particular moment.

Clearly touched.

Damn I have got tears in my eyes at that very moment already.


While the atmosphere was already almost at peak with the whole lot of us jumping and singing along, it was brought to a whole new level when this Transformer-like robot emerged from behind the stage.

It was so exciting and good job to the organizing parties who managed to set up such impressive stage set up.



Along with the movie-like videos, the Transformer-like robot, superb amazing stage lights and fireworks, the concert going on and also loads of positive message shared, it feels more than a concert.

So much going on yet so well-combined and so much interaction.

It doesn't feel like Mayday was only there to perform but to really share with us their music, their positive messages and to party with us there.

It feels much like a party with a hell loads of friends though most people there are strangers.




Yet at the same time, it feels like they really do appreciate us.

Just the simple things we did there, we sang and sang nonstop of a song and we wouldn't stop brought tears to their eyes.

It even brought tears to my eyes and it feels so warm and touched at the same time.

The way they talked, the way they communicated and the way they interacted with everyone down the stage brought the concert to a whole new level.

If anyone were there, they would understand why they could capture the hearts of countless fans and yet still surviving even after being in the industry for 11 years.

Flashback of their 11 years in the industry was shown in the video almost to the end of the concert, too.




Overall, again, compare to two years ago the Mayday concert that I have attended, this one is again a superb awesome one!

I can never deny Mayday, they are just plain crazy awesome when it comes to live.

Plus the stage is insanely niceeeeeee, I was so fascinated by the lights, videos and etc.

After all, I feel like the money I have paid is worth it.

I just wish I could go for free though lol.

And here I found one video about Mayday DNA concert in Singapore instead.

Couldn't find any video regarding the Malaysia version but this will do.

The whole thing is damn close to the one in Malaysia, or I would see it's almost 99.9% similar.

It's in Chinese though but you should watch it.

Plain awesome.


Lukey Cher Hong said...

awesome event!!

Cammy said...

I am a die hard fan of Mayday too!
I was in rockzone that night! So close to the stage, they are awesome, more than just awesome!

Stanley said...

Too tall for bell. :P Am I turn a round to say Bell is short? *run*

alLets' Lexy said...

lukey, agree!! XD

cammy, haha~ i was all the way at the back but good enuff. ^^

stanley, LOL!! u damn mean.

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