Friday, June 4, 2010

Mayday DNA...

Gonna head back to KL again like few hours later.

Currently sitting in the class waiting for lecturer to come in.

Class was supposed to be at 9am while postponed to 10am and now... almost 11am and lecturer is still not here yet.

Hmmm... just one day when I decided to come to class and then ta-daaa... no lecturer.

Don't get confused by 'head back to KL' lol.

I got so used to it I keep on saying 'going back to KL' so yeah, just live with it.

So why am going back KL again so soon?

Because of this...!!!

Mayday DNA World Tour 2010 in Malaysiaaaaaaaa!


Exciteddd wtf!

I have so far only been to two paid concerts ever in ma life and ma first paid concert is also Mayday concert back in 2008.

And it was frigginliciousawesomeeeeee!!

So worth it and this time, we decided to pay for the best seats!

We as in me and ma one and only friend who loves Mayday like a die hard fans, Bell.

Wait, she's a die hard fans. Not like one.

Ma second concert also with Bell was F.I.R concert and it sucks.

Quite boring and I almost fell asleep.

Imagine falling asleep in concert.

Damn wtf really.

But Mayday is Mayday, so we have no doubt it's gonna be a fcuking blast!

And hence explained why we are so friggin broke right now.

All thanks to the concert tickets we paid for.

We got the... Rock zone.

Which means we gonna be somewhere in the middle of the stage.

Just hopefully we wouldn't end up with sore necks.

So for now, I think I gotta ciao from class, go back home, pack and hit the road.

I'ma trying to blog more, I don't know what got into me lately.

I have just been reading fictions, fictions and more fictions.

Seems to be not doing anything else but just fictions, no assignment, I don't even blog anymore.

Definitely not happy like that, hence I am really trying to blog more.

For now, bear with me coz I'ma gonna be away for 4 days which I can't promise if there would be any blog entry update anytime soon.

Or else, pretty tasty would be greeting you next!

Hopefully not.

Ciao peeps.


Lean said...

Yea, mayday is coming to KL. =).. Enjoy it yeah..

kenwooi said...

lol mayday.. never heard them sing before.. =P

jfook said...

Excited to see your post about Mayday soon.

ohmywtf said... so outdated that i didnt even know Mayday is coming until now! :-(

alLets' Lexy said...

lean, suree do. XD

kenwooi, wanna post some mv sometimes? =P lol.

jfook, yeaaaah!! it was awesomeeeee!!

ohmywtf, haha. somehow it wasn't broadcast much. maybe only the hardcore fans know. =)

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