Sunday, June 20, 2010

Penang Trip; Day 1

Day 1 of my Penang Trip last Wednesday.

Went on a Penang Trip with my two buddies; one my so-called drinking buddy who has just been promoted as clubbing buddy, Benny and my blather, Nicholas. lol

Don't bother with all the labels, just for fun.

We started our journey after ma class, and I was driving!

Damn I hate driving to Penang, the highway is like so tiny and winding. Couldn't drive fast and worse, I was so god damn sleepy in the middle of the drive and then after a while... it rained.

Like super giler heavy rain almost cannot see the road.


After an hour plus or almost two, we reached there and checked in to the hotel.

Tune Hotels our choice!

It's so cheap and so worth it! I'ma gonna stay in Tune Hotels if I gonna go anywhere that has Tune Hotels in town.

We got like two rooms for RM130 plus only.


With two single beds, just enough place to walk, even a mini safety box, a bathroom and two huge ass mirror.


That's one of the huge ass full length mirror at the walkway of coming into the room.

Never run out of mirror in the room lol.


And this is the bathroom.

I was expecting a super mini bathroom where everything gonna be tight squeeze but... surprisingly it wasn't so bad.

It wasn't even bad.

It's bigger than First World Hotel's bathroom in Genting!


Bed linens changing.

At least some effort to save the earth.

I rike.

After checking in, refreshed, changed and me camwhoring in the room, while god knows what the guys did in their room, I managed to pull the guys out to go food hunting.

We were kind of lost since we just got there, not knowing where to go.

Timing were a bit off as we planned hence the difficulty of looking for food at the awkward hours.

We ended up in Jalan Macalister and even till then we didn't realised it's just a street away from our hotel.

Worse... we mistaken Jalan Macalister as Lorong Macalister and so we had the worst Penang food ever there.

Total mood spoiler and since it was almost 6pm already we decided we should head to New Lane for at least some proper Penang food.

That day turned out to be the Rice Dumpling Festival and hence, New Lane didn't have any stall opened.

Double phail.

But still we ended up in a shop in New Lane, die die also must get some decent Penang food.



These are the two faces that almost make me feel like stranggling myself or them when I was driving giving the worst direction ever.

Even with GPS!

God knows how they can managed to give super bad direction even with GPS.

And I think that's the only pictures of them both from my DSLR for the whole trip because they ain't camera friendly.

Really, they never make friends with my DSLR.

Never ever.

God knows why.

Plus they cannot stand camwhore.

So I cannot camwhore.




Finally we had some decent Penang char keoy teow and o jien!

Char keoy teow not bad, o jien not so good.

The oyster has got that smell that I cannot tahan.

So I ended up nom-ing all the eggs only.

After nom nom nom session, we have to wait for Benny's sister, Kelly to join us while we have a few hours to spare we wanted to go to the beach.

But the two lads wanna go look at Hard Rock Hotel.

So off we went all the way to Batu Ferringhi.


Never know Penang has a Hard Rock Hotel nor cafe, just maybe I didn't pay enough attention but it looks so niceee!!

I wanna stay thereee...!

Wondering how much is the room charges now. lol


Crazy nice light deco at the entrance.

Those super lights hanging off from the ceiling and it keeps changing colours.

So addictive.




Walk through the hotel and then we came out to the beach but...

it was starting to get dark at that time, there wasn't much people plus there's nothing much to shoot.

But the sky was awesome.

Just a tad too dark.



Then there behind us where we walked through earlier is the restaurant.

Italian restaurant if I ain't mistaken and beside is the pool with water play ground.

We just sat there, enjoying some breeze and look around for a while and hang out for a bit.

It's a beach with nothing much, we couldn't do much anyway.



Inside the hotel lobby has got showcase of celebrities famous and awesome performace clothes, deco and statues.

I don't know how to appreciate much of those coz they are ancient.

Those guys do though.

They aweeee here and thereee looking at those clothes and stuff while I don't understand. lol


More of the light deco at the entrance before we go off.

So many colours!!

So pretttyyy.

Feel like lying on the floor to capture the best angle. LOL!

Stupid blather who gave me that so-called brilliant idea.


Souvenir shop of Hard Rock, Rock Shop.

Right beside the entrance with catchy lights.


And that's Hard Rock Hotel for you at night with the sky all dark and pretty lights illuminating the whole hotel.

The hotel ain't tall, I'm surprise.

I thought it would be a very big hotel with lots of floors and it seems like I am wrong.

But still very nice and exlusive no doubt.

After that we left to go get Kelly, had dinner at a cafe near Bayan Lepas which I felt terribly wrong because...

who goes to Penang to eat at cafe??

Buthen it was 9.30pm and we couldn't find any food nor know where to go for good food.

Triple phail.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel to freshen up before hitting the...


Last minute decision to hit the club.

We cancel the thought at first before we went on the trip, I don't know why.

But since we don't know where to go except that Kelly and I know of MOIS, so we might as well go there and we went!

Totally no regret.

We went in quite late as it was almost 12.30am already and just as we went in, there's sexy dance competition for the ladies.

No comment but not all are good.

There's one hot mama, 27 years old who has a 4 years old son was hot though!

LOL she sort of won the competition with another girl.

Kelly and the hot mama sort of make friends, honestly Kelly is really one hell of a clubbing queen.

I can't keep up!

I feel so old. SOB

We sort of manage to take a few photos, all looking like craps! lol

Scroll pass if you cannot stand crappy face.




All drunk face and sweaty due to excessive dancing.

At least Kelly and me.

Dance floor was packed!!

Siao packed and... surprisingly first time ever I see a dance floor that has more guys than girls.

I even saw a cute gay couple dancing on the stage.

Giler cuteeee with happy face dancing with one another.

By the end of the night, the clubbing queen ended up bringing a total of three tables of peeps together all partying happily.

Three tables of strangers, one of the table including us. lol

Surprisingly Penang peeps are so friendly and happening.

We ended up partying till the end, got out from the club and there's a crowd where in the middle there's a guy doing MJ dance move.

We suspect he's drunk but he's really good. lol

At the end, we went back to the hotel, cleaned up and walked to the opposite for some Hokkien Mee.

By that time, the two super steam guys were starting to sober up while us, the girls were starting to become crazily steam.


Girls system are like giler wrong, we only steam after so long.

Still managed to drive all the way back to the hotel before getting all steam wtf.

That's the end of Day 1 at about 5am.

Day 2 coming soon!

Not so happening compare to Day 1 but lotsa lotsa lotsa good foood!!


Jack Ng said...

wow ... nice tune hotel .. perhaps its still new .. :D
how come ur fren dun let u take pic or take pic wit u ... nice to take pic ma .... LOL
and ... ur fren's eyes is scary ... RED........ !!!! @@

Benny said...

so i am scary ==

alLets' Lexy said...

jack ng, maybe so. =)
dunno why my friends dun like take pic with me lor. sobb.
but hahahahaa! my fren is scary. =P

benny, yes u are. and u left a comment in ma blog! so honoured! =P

Jack Ng said...

haha ... icic ... mayb next time they will camwhore wit u leh ...

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