Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Penang Trip; Day 2

Day 2 of Penang trip!

Just want to finish posting about the Penang trip before ciao-ing for another trip tomorrow.

Genting next!

So day 2 of Penang trip... I was dragging to wake up because I couldn't sleep the night before and only fell asleep at 5am plus.

While check out time is 10am!

Yes! Tune Hotels check out time is 10am!

Crazy early wtf and cannot extend somemore.


Luckily I managed to woke up and gao dim by 10am and I didn't know that at 10am sharp they cut off all the electricity leaving the room in the dark.


Really that environmental friendly mer??

That's like the only thing I don't like about Tune Hotels, max hate!!

If I woke up a tad later, a tad slower, I might have a half made up face by the time they cut off the electric. Damn!

So managed to check out quite on time considering I still haven't finish packing when the room was left in the dark.

Had the guys to help keep the door open while I was trying to pack damn fast, nearly left ma specs there but luckily ma blather saw.


After check out, makan time!

We went to look for this Beef Soup Koay Teow stall once recommended by Vkeong.com which located opposite the Georgetown fire station.

Took quite a while since we couldn't figure out the direction and the fire station doesn't even look like a fire station to begin with!

But at last we managed and waiting for nom nom nom...


All eating beef soup koay teow, which is supposed to be yummy according to Vkeong.com.

Only ordered the small one though because we have more makan plan later.


RM7 for a small beef soup koay teow.

Look so yummy upon arriving to the tableeeeeeee.

Snap snap snap and nom.

No disappointment, it was really good as claimed!

The soup is yummyyyyy!!

All cleared.

After breakkie, we sent Kelly back since she has got stuff to do and can't continue to join us anymore.

Right after that, three hungry ghosts continue to go food hunt.

Lorong Selamat!!

The well-known good food street.

Don't know how well-known but among my friends and ma family that's it.


Full house like the whole time we were there lor!

We were at this Kafe Heng Huat where one of the famous Penang char koay teow stall is just right in front.

So full house, you trust that its really famous and not self-claimed or not?

Of course!!

Lucky we got seat, ordered and waited like giler damn long.

So while waiting, we went off to other stalls further down the streets to order more Penang food.


Cannot miss o jien, okay!

Must eat!!

Though... it wasn't the first o jien we had in this Penang trip but this is the best!

It's located at the opposite row of Kafe Heng Huat in front of a coffee shop.

It sells otak-otak also but not nice.

The oyster in the o jien don't have that taste that I hate!

Damn niceeeee and I nom nom nom the oyster so happy.


Then it's the special Hokkien Mee aka. Har Mee recommended by my Mom.

Also a stall located at the opposite row.

Why special?

Because this one has got pork ribs one!

Special is special due to the pork ribs but it didn't taste anything special.

Normal Har Mee with pork ribs, not exactly good.

Honestly, I was sort of disappointed by it.


And finally the long awaited famous Penang char koay teow!!!

Blather ordered big one, which... I don't know what kind of big.

But those prawns are definitely huge ass!!!

5 huge ass prawns!

That plate of char koay teow costs us RM9.

Friggin worth 9bucks with those crazily huge prawns!

But too bad, blather forgot to order not spicy and hence... I eat until got blood got sweat.

So spicy but so yummy.


After that, we walked further down the street wanted to have cendol ice and ended up going into a self-proclaimed 'Penang famous' cendol stall and got scammed.

Those cendol and ice kacang were so horrible I can't bear to put them in ma mouth.

Serious! Wtf.

Self-proclaimed famous is always a scam.


Later you'll know why.

After makan time, wanted to go Queensbay mall since we have nothing better to do plus the weather was freaking hot.

Reached and...

We all napped in the car.

In the carpark.

Fcuking serious.

For 2 hours.

Then only we got down from the car, walked for a bit like wanna die like that because it seems like Queensbay is so boring, nothing like I expected.

Wanted to start our journey back but realised there's a horrible jam right before we got to the highwat leading to the bridge hence we take a turn back into Georgetown for dinner before heading back.

Finally New Lane!

Damn geram the previous day we couldn't get food from New Lane but at least we did the next day.



Two way streets become one way only at 4pm every day for all the stalls to open and stuff.

So many stalls, so many foooood.


And again, we got scammed by another self-proclaimed 'Penang famous'.

This time it's asam laksa.

See that laksa stall in the picture?

That stall's laksa sucks!!


It was so bad, I can see it taste really bad without putting it in ma mouth.


Which conclude, we didn't have any laksa during the whole trip. lol

At least not me.




Ordered popiah, lobak and loh mee.

Popiah wasn't as nice as those I had in Ipoh, lobak was nice though!

But blather insisted no lobak.


Like damn nice lor, why no lobak.

He claimed Ipoh has got better lobak, why he never bring me go eat one.


Loh mee was not bad, too.

Am craving for more loh mee actually, I seldom have it.

While in the end we had ice cendol from the stall in the first New Lane picture and it was nice.

Very nice fragrance of coconut milk.

Though we had quite some bad Penang food in this trip, but at least we had our fair share of good food.

At least we learnt where not to go, what not to eat the next time. lol

While after all those good food, we started our journey back to Ipoh.

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