Tuesday, June 29, 2010


June, my birthday month.

Buthen... I have yet to blog anything about present, have I?

That's because there's no present!

Except the early present from ma parents, Macbook Pro and some angpau on the day itself, it seems like all my best friends forgot about me already.


Just kidding. lol

Finally I got my present from my dear ass, Bell.

So happy!


She told me she has a present for me before I went down to KL.

She said I sure to like it.

So can you guess what is it?

Nah... one more clue.


So it's a baby.

It has got a white body.

It has got a pair of pink wings.

And something that I sure like.


Alright, alright.

The answer is...


It's a baby Cupipi!!

I once blog about how cuteeeeeeee Cupipi is and I want, I want, I want!

But it's not like I'ma gonna buy soft toy for myself.

Plus most my friends should know, I am very very choosy when it comes to soft toy.

I don't just like any soft toy.

Still, I can't believe Bell bought me Cupipi!!

So happy!! ^^

Thank you my dearest ass! *inside joke*

So same day, after I got my present from my dear ass, I got another surprise.

Went to fetch the boyfy after his work and I was late because I went to print my assignments and it got caught up.

I was pissed during the journey from Seksyen 8 to Damansara Uptown plus jammed, so I'ma almost on fire.

Hence I called to yadda yadda with the boyfy while he was waiting for me and I kept telling him how behsong I was but he kept telling me that when I reached him, I would be happy again.

I wonder.

So I reached and no boyfy in sight.

Then he walked out holding this...


Sunflower bouquet!!!


Though there's only one sunflower but wtf, it's still so pretty and am still so happy!


Boyfy say it's part of my birthday present.

Since he has been treating me to good meals and etc the whole month whenever am done in KL.

Thank you the boyfy!

Hehee... betcha am having a silly grin on my face.

Sunflower so pretty... *melt*

But too bad, due to some circumstances I have to leave the pretty sunflower in KL.

So hoping the boyfy will take good care of it and the next time I see it, hopefully it becomes a pretty dry flower instead.

At least I have pictures of the pretty sunflower with me.



kenwooi said...

sweet and cute =)

~tree trunk~ said...

hehehe.... mad love u too baby!! muax~

fran said...

oh dear~ din know tat u own a macbook now! awesome cool!!

alLets' Lexy said...

kenwooi, thanks. =)

ty bie, love.

fran, lol. it's been a while. proven u didn't follow my blog! =P

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