Saturday, June 19, 2010


I'ma back!


You guys supposedly did not know that I went on a Penang trip lol.

But now that you do, I'ma back!

Ran off to the island for like two days and had lotsa good foooodddd and a super best giler clubbing night.

Conclusion, awesome trip!

Though only for 2 days and 1 night.

While I am editing some pictures from the trip and trying to get one or two pictures of us clubbing from ma blather, here's a teaser!!

Of course yummy Penang food teaser!


Drool now, will you? lol

Go stare at this picture before I'ma gonna post complete pictures of the trip!

It's gonna take maybe a day or two now but I will make sure I blog almost every day.

Readers have been a meanie while I was away!

You guys are such meanie to me!

You guys ran off from ma blog when I ran off to the island huh.


Now come back, will you?


Because Penang trip post coming soon will be lots of yummy delicious Penang food!



kenwooi said...

penang food always delicious =)

fran said...

blog soon!!
cant wait to see~~!
clubbing pics too please! haha

Jack Ng said...

nice .. cant wait for ur posting ... n hope can know more of nice clubbing place and nice food too .....

alLets' Lexy said...

kenwooi, lol. u never had sucky one only. =P

fran, no clubbing pic la yor!

jack, blog updated~ =)

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