Tuesday, July 6, 2010

assignment time...

You don't see me talk about assignment often, do you?

But now there's less than 2 weeks time before exam and assessment week already.

So it's DAI time!

What I have been doing for the whole night last night until this morning before I went to coll...





3 pages down!

2 more to go.

Requirement of minimum 5 pages.

Or better word, optimum.

Gonna go get help from Benny to do Flash tonight.

Hopefully it wouldn't be too bad.

While now, let's K.O!

O'wait, food first.


v!vi@n said...

wow..a very nice one..i like your page..esp the roses one...nice nice...

suhaisweet said...

Anyway Nice..Visit mine if u free friend.. Bloody Day!

kenwooi said...

how come you do website design on illustrator? prototype only right? =)

~tree trunk~ said...

looks good baby~


~tree trunk~ said...

erk my comment hilang ady!!!


this is very very nice!! XD

kianfai87 said...

wah, so fantasy? the 2nd thumbnail "about me" looks awesome =)

jia you =)

by Kian Fai

alLets' Lexy said...

vivian, thankyouuu. =)

kenwooi, coz... i more familiar with AI when it comes to these stuff? AI also can do web what. =)

suhaisweet, thanks.

treetrunk, thankyou baby` ^^

kianfai, where got fantasy? =.=" btw, thanks.

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