Sunday, July 25, 2010

books are so pretty

Am done with all my Finals 1 assignments Friday and I went all the way down to PJ to get them all printed on Saturday.


Total of 3 hours of journey just to get them printed.

But wtf, don't you dare say anything because Ipoh printing sucks.

You wouldn't know unless you print here and then you found the particular PJ printing shop I go to and then you will realised you found heaven.

Plus it's even cheaper there!

Though I can't say that to myself because it ate my fuel and toll money to go all the way there.

But I paid RM150 plus for all the stuff that I printed which will cost me at least RM280 plus if not more if I print them in Ipoh.

So difference of RM130 made up for the toll, fuel and time in return of quality.

Here's the amount of stuff that I got printed.

Hell loads.




And now it's cutting, sticking and mounting time.

With those amount, I guess I will die cutting or I might just cut myself while at it.

Especially when I have yet to start doing my TV ads.

2 more days for TV ads!

Die for that one later tonight. lol

Now blog!

Yesterday right after I came back from PJ, I went to the mall to get some stuff.

Which eventually led to something more...


Guess what?

Obviously I did not buy shoes.

But there's a shoe box.


Yep! I bought all the three books by Lauran Weisberger.

I got tempted by the packaging.

It looks so nicee... so pretty!


Previously I watched Devil Wears Prada the movie and it was awesome!

But I never get to buy the books because I was thinking it might not be as good as the movie and I might not be able to finish the book since it isn't a fully romance.

So I did not buy it even though every time I saw the book, I was always tempted.

And then I was tempted when I saw Everyone Worth Knowing and yet I am afraid due to it not being full romance.


And now I stumble upon it with such amazing packaging, I can't help it but buy it.

I even tried convincing myself, the summaries sound good, I will finish it, don't worry.

Yes, the don't worry part is real.

I told that to myself before I went to pay. lol

Now I have them with me, just pray hard those are going to be real good.

While at it, I saw this book by Sophie Kinsella.


Twenties Girl.

Assuming it's quite a new book by Sophie Kinsella since I have most of her books except The Shopaholic series.

Sophie Kinsella is one of the authors I am quite keen of so I got the book without hesitation.

And just like that, I ended up with four brand new books waiting for me to devour them now.

While at times like this where I am rushing to end sem, fix some stuff and etc.

I wonder when will I have the time to really start reading them.

Hopefully it will be soon.

Am to tempted to touch them, pretty books already.

I'ma such a sucker for pretty book packaging and pretty book cover.

Throw me books with super pretty cover and I might just buy them all wtf.

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