Monday, July 12, 2010


It's the do-or-die-period now.

Critical moment ever, especially me taking final 1 along with 4 subjects.


Two more weeks to exam and assessment.

One subject dateline due tomorrow.

Countless assignments have yet to be completed.

Final assignments have yet to be touched even.


I can't sleep!!!

What else can I do when the brain is not able to function properly while it just wouldn't shut down.


Freaking 10am and I have yet to sleep.

Laid on the bed for 15 minutes and my brain just wouldn't shut off.

So let's blog.

I feel nauseous, god knows why.

Anyway, these pictures have been in my draft since forever.

Since... end of last month I guess.

Fine, not so forever.

But seems long enough that I almost forgot that they were still in there.

This is the pretty yet quite cheap charm bracelet I got from Urbanscapes previously.

My second charm bracelet so far.


There's only four charms because I couldn't decide whatelse to put there.

I don't want all the nonsesical stuff like hearts, dove, bird, etc and etc.

Doesn't even relate to me then there's no point for it.

The whole charm bracelet cost me approximately RM21 if my memory serves me right.

Quite cheap, no?

The first charm bracelet I got cost me about RM50!

So this is definitely a great bargain compare to the previous one.

Buthen this one is solely paid by the boyfy. ^^

So zero bucks from my pocket!


First charm I got is definitely this!

A camera charm!

Who would miss this?

Such a lovely tiny little cameraaaaa.

Such love.

Anyway, other than this camera charm, other charms do not exactly relate to myself much.

I love photography, hence the camera.

While other charms, don't ask.

I don't know either.

Just pure like, I guess.


A crown charm which is not princessy.

Thank god for not princessy crown charm.

This look more like the King or Queen crown, no?

So pretty.


Third is the snowflake charm.

Another pretty stuff which can't be missed.

Who doesn't like snowflake anyway?


Lastly, a wing.

Yes, only one wing.

I did wonder whether if I wanna get two to make it one pair but in the end, I did not.

I don't know why either.

It just makes me feel like... I ain't exactly totally independent and hence only one wing.

I always have only one wing whenever I draw or such, only one.

Guess it stuck.

Soon someday I will have my own pair of wings though.

That's all for the charm bracelet.

Abrupt end of blog post.

Blame the brain.

Well, am sorry for the... nonsensical and maybe mispelling and grammar mistake in this post.

I just couldn't write well in this state.

Do ignore me.

Do not ignore my blog though.

Be right back soon.

In between of wars.


~tree trunk~ said...

finally get to see the charm bracelet pics!! It looks as good as u baby~

love u lots~

Hilda Milda™ said...

so pretty c: i like the snowflake!

TOLANIC said...

Boyfy is stand for what?

alLets' Lexy said...

hilda milda, yeaahh~ so lovely.

tolanic, boyfy stands for boyfriend? ^^

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