Wednesday, July 7, 2010

creative thinking.

My deepest apology that I missed creative thinking last week.

And now, since this is a scheduled post, I just wanna get it done just in case I might miss it again this week.

I haven't even have my sleep yet since Monday morning and now it's already Tuesday morning but whatever it takes, am gonna finish this post before diving into the bed.

The previous creative thinking has been on something very simple, creative quotes.

Showed how lazy I have been plus source is hard to get lately.

But fortunately, I just dropped by and found this amazing cutesy branding and packaging design to share.

A work of University of Georgia's Lamar Dodd School of Art student, Samira Khoshnood.


The usual, according to the source site,

"Identity and package design for Meringue, a new upscale dessert boutique seek to capture the airy whipped quality of meringue, the main ingredient in most of the store’s pastries. Three types of packaging highlight the form and color of meringue cookies and macarons, two of Meringue’s signature sweets.

The origami-inspired cookie box emulates the folds and peaks of meringue cookies. Macaron boxes and bags frame the beauty and color of the macarons. Letterpressed tissue and seals add a pop of color and tactile quality to white and clear packaging."


The origami-inspired cookie box is what got my attention at the beginning.

A very interesting box for cookies while I was wondering if it's gonna be hard to open and to close it.

I am never good with complicated boxes like that and I never know how it works.

Still, it's so pretty yet simple especially with the letterpressed seals.

Also, the macaron box is so perfectly made just for the art of macaron of how it shows off the pretty colourful macaron that sits in it.

While the letterpressed tissue spiced up the simple packaging for the little amount of macaron making it looks interesting on its own.


Just maybe I could be biased due to the appearance of those beautiful macaron which I love so much but I do think this is a very basic branding and packaging which made successful.

Simple and nice, always the love.

Here's something extra to share of this pretty thing.

Its web design and also stationary designs.

Something that I could really make reference of, especially now.

Hope you all like the creative thinking this week.

And hopefully more great sources will show in the coming weeks.

Also, anyone who doesn't mind sharing any brilliant stuff could just leave me a comment or any alternative ways will be fine, too.

Cheers for creative thinking.

I shall rest in peace now.


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kianfai87 said...

I feel like eating those cookie box instead of cookie. WOOT! =X

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