Thursday, July 1, 2010

parcel arrived...

Am officially sick!

Not too sick, just minor sicky sick.

Minor tonsillitis, very slight fever in the morning.

Went to the doctor, spent RM30 and got tablets back.

Bright pink and yellow tablets wtf!

I used to take tablets like it's nothing when I was a kid and now... I starting to hate tablets since I have grown up.

Odd but wtf. Me no like tablets anymore.


But anyway, blog post today is about...

a parcel that I received yesterday morning.

Precisely, I did not receive it first hand from the postman but my parent.

Still, it's my package.



The facial cleansing milk I bought from has arrived!

Read about it from JamieChin's blog and got the online coupon for a 10% discount.

Not sure why RM is not available in, hence I paid in USD instead.

After discount its approximately 34USD which is about RM120.

Damn heartache, can?

RM120 for a cleansing milk. SOB

Though I have always wanted to try Cellnique cleansing milk but those that I wanted to buy from the mall counter cost only about RM80 per bottle if I ain't mistaken.

But this is the paramedical version where they use in facial centers so hopefully it would be real good for my skin, especially my super dry skin.

Have yet to start using it though, so no review. Yet.

Not sure if am going to be hardworking enough to do a review in the future.

That's all about the cleansing milk now.

Am tempted to buy more stuff from Cellnique but it costs so much so am refraining myself.

Just let's see how good is the cleansing milk before trying to buy anything more.

Anyway tonight, I'ma gonna head over to my friend, John's house for a pre-wedding night with others.

My friend is getting married!!

I kind of feel quite lazy to move actually lol.

But it's my friend's wedding, so must be there!

Now hopefully I update my blog better.

I still have yet to edit Urbanscapes 2010 pictures.

They are gonna go outta date real soon.

Hopefully I would be a tad hardworking soon.



m3lv said...

lol~if u want celnique products..i can get for u ;) my mom works the gardens :D

alLets' Lexy said...

melvin, paramedical version? serious or what? ^^

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