Wednesday, July 7, 2010



I have so many random stuff to say!!

Decided I should just dump all the random stuff here rather than spamming Facebook status and Twitter alone.

I already spammed halfway anyway...

First of, is eating my comments!!

First it says, 1 comment to be moderated and then *click* but... *poof* it says no comment to be moderated.

Like wtf?!


And I thought the person him/herself deleted the comment and later when I checked again, it says 3 comments to be moderated so again, *click* but still... it says no comment to be moderated!


Where has all my blog comments been going?

Damn has been eating my comments wtf.

And now I finally am able to publish those comments, it doesn't show in ma blog.

Like wtf?


Second stuff, just now came back around 2.30am and found a car is parked in front of the house!!


I can't recognise if it's my brother's car but Wednesday morning is off day, so he shouldn't be here in the middle of the night since there's no work but I don't see his fcuking ass anywhere but the car is there.


Whoever the fcuk it is should go rot in hell.

Where the fcuk am I supposed to park when the car friggin block the gate?

Plus what with people and parking in front of OTHERS people house?

Damn syiok one?

Cannot park further a bit wtf?

Especially when I haven't frigging got home yet and wth should my car go when I come home?

Since I am only having the mini Kelisa today, I ended up parking beside the dark street like few houses away.

Parked, dark, silence.

Got out, dragged all ma shopping bags out with my lappie stuff and walked all the way back to the house and open multiple doors thanks to the stupid car in front before I managed to reach my room.

Very considerate people, very indeed.

What's worse... after bath, after settling everything in the house...

I found out...


*pull hair*

Remember my car is beside the freaking dark street few houses away and my phone is in it.

Check time, 3am plus.


I am a chicken, okay?!

Damn chicken, but I need my phone.

What if my parents call and they can't get me, asked the neighbour to see if my car is in the house, no, it is not and they might just friggin call the police.


So even though I am such a chicken, with all the chickens outside to accompany me, I walked to the car in the middle of the night at 3am plus on the fcuking dark street just, again, to get ma phone.

FML really.

And now am ranting.

Guess I am done ranting.

Just realised sort of bad luck eh.

But whatever, I never really do believe in luck.

Except good ones, of course.

Anyway, I realised all the shopping that I did tonight could have bought me a speedlight for my DSLR.


Imagine the amount of shopping bags can actually leave marks on my arms and tiny blood clogs under the skin near my innder elbow.

Scary shit and heavy sial.

I only realised the amount of $$ I spent is almost equivalent to a nissin speedlight now.

Like right now, after 6 hours I was done with my shopping.

Slow brain wtf.

I shall blog about my buy another day.

Gotta try take some awesome pictures of those stuff.

While now I should end this post.

Thank god to or else all this rant and stuff is going to be on Facebook status or Twitter instead.



suhaisweet said...

Visiting here..Simple but nice blog that u have....My very da very latest 4 today friend.. Dangerous!

TOLANIC said...

Time to support Wordpress! =)

Lukey Cher Hong said...

lol chill chill... maybe is blogger is too hungry liao.... and at least u done some shopping shud be happy!

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

alLets' Lexy said...

suhaisweet, thankyou.

tolanic, lol. but wordpress so complicated, i dont know how to use also.

lukey, hahaha~ agree! XD and thank god returns my comments.

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