Saturday, July 10, 2010


I am going to blog about those stuff that I bought on the brief shopping spree just few days ago.

Asked Emiko out since... I had the sudden urge to actually go shopping.

It's been a real long time since I did my last shopping.

Ages ago, I can't even remember.

And also ages ago that I last went to the mall.

So this is a post solely on all the stuff that I bought!

Which manage to give my wallet critical damage and I am on quite an edge financially.

But as some said, it might just be worth it.

Cause I was happy and still excited.


First of all, guess what?

Mango, you see?


It's been another real long time since I bought anything from MNG.

My favourite shop of all.

Nah, I haven't been buying clothes due to weight gain and all.

Sigh, depressing.

But it was written there in the window 70% sales!

Who wouldn't be tempted, right?

So went in and saw this baby!

Must buy!


Pretty beige colour bag.

The price tag shown RM139 RM99.

Seriously, it was written that way.

And the price tag was in orange colour hence that RM139 wasn't the original price before discount, so it must be more expensive than that.

But since it was discounted to RM99, it's definitely worth it and it's so pretty!

I have been looking for a bag ever since!

You see, I am this girl who only carries one bag wherever I go and it's getting boring.

I need more bags!

What's better was, when I went to pay and it showed only RM79!

OMGGGG cheap okay!!

So happy wtf!

Next is... I finally bought my first ever BB cream!

Never know what brand to buy and forgot to do some research before I went looking for it so I just asked around in SaSa but the one recommended cost RM95 plus it looks... very thick after the salesgirl applied it on my hand.

EeeewWww. No thick cream or whatsoever on my face.

Definitely a no no.

Luckily I found one in Watson's.

Tried a little bit on my hand and it seems natural enough.



It cost me RM65 which I can still afford.

Side note, the ambassador for this BB cream is S.H.E, the Taiwan girls group.

Just random facts.

I have yet to start using it though since I haven't got the chance to go out since I bought it.

So no review yet.

From SaSa, I bought this Liese product, Juicy Shower!

Liese was talked about in Miyake's blog for quite a number of post and I was kinda interested in it plus the packaging is so pretty!


Guess this is best for curls!

Just my own opinion since if I don't do anything with my hair normally I wouldn't spray nor use anything on my hair.

I don't wanna it to be oily and heavy.



Next is my first, also.

So many first that day! lol

Guess what first is this?

Something that I have wanted for so long and finally buying it.



It's make up brush set!

Though it wasn't the best but it still seems fine.

It's only my first set and I don't have much money to spend on it so this set would work now.

Finally I have most the brushes.

Again, happy! ^^

Can't wait to use them.

Not going out with make up anytime soon though.


Anyway, in the end I went to Body Shop to get my usual bathroom stuff but ended up...

most of their shower gels have been discontinued.

Especially my favourite Peach!

Though they came out with a new Fuzzy Peach but the smell ain't the same.

Fuzzy Peach is more sweeter and the scene is way stronger.

Sometimes too strong for my liking.

But Peach was perfect.

Now... no more. *sad*

So I got Moringa and Sweet Lemon instead.

The only left that I think is decent.

Not my favourite, no where near my favourite but what choice do I have?



Got some foot scrub and foot cream, too.

That foot scrub is very nice to use, and smells very good, too.

It's my second tube already now.

Good for foot that is full of dead and dried skin.

Also got my first foundation ever!



Body Shop foundation that cost me... RM65.

Actually, I didn't intend to buy foundation, I just wanna try BB cream.

But I went to Body Shop before I got to Watson's and I tried the foundation and it seems natural after applying on my skin.

No thick feeling, not so apparent but just nice.

Though I am still not keen with the idea of putting on foundation but I thought I wouldn't be able to find a nice BB cream so I ended up buying it.

Well, I sort of regret buying the foundation when I found the BB cream though.

Also bought a nude lipstick from Body Shop.

Almost nude.


I have been trying to find the nudest lipstick I could ever find but... until now, none.

So I decided to go with this instead.

The picture is quite close to the real colour but when apply on my hand skin, it brings a little pinkish though.

Hopefully it looks nice on the lips.


After all the money spent, and wallet being severely injured, I was given this booklet of vouchers.

Which... I think kinda... cheat one.

Like temptation only which doesn't do any good.

Body Shop is always like that. Sigh.

Also then after I paid only I was given two redemption where one costs approximately RM22 and another one at RM11.

Damn cheat one!



Fran said...

Wee!! U bought so many things! So rich WTF. I miss my shopping spree too!! :( anyway.... I'm commenting using iPhone! Woots! I'm still very excited about this amazing gadget, haha! :p

kenwooi said...

wah buy so many things..
kaya raya! =P

alLets' Lexy said...

fran, all swipe card. haven't even count ler. count jor sure i pokai. T____T lol. i want YOUR iphone! =P

kenwooi, lol. before buy is kaya raya, now is pokai season. lol

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