Thursday, July 22, 2010


Exam at 9am!!

And its 7.15am now, I am blogging wtf.

Advertising and Marketing exam with zero tips and 20 pages of notes.

I like my notes clean, very clean.

Since so clean, I don't know what's important to study now.


Anyway, the sky is getting bright now and let's push the exam and study thought later.

I read notes after I finish this post, aight? lol

Now we shall have some food-temptation-making-you-hungry-post.

So in between all the assignments craziness, rushing, AI-ing and etc, there's still time for a good dinner.

Went dinner with my parents and Emiko one night last week.


San Francisco Steakhouse has a branch in Ipoh now.

For a few months already and have been eager to try.

Finally we went there but it didn't go up to my expectation.

Not as good as I expect and I would even go to the extend of saying T.G.I.F and Tony Roma's food is better than this.



I don't know why I am quite a big fans of T.G.I.F though the food there is getting boring.

Always order almost the same stuff and it's getting old.

So I got to try Tony Roma's the other day and it wasn't bad but the Sirloin wasn't better than T.G.I.F.


I love love love love Sirloin steak so I have Sirloin that night, too.

Turns out... not good.

Not too bad but not good.

Kind of disappointed if you ask me.

It taste more like normal beef and nothing else.

Other dishes weren't impressive either.

We ordered oxtail soup, cod fish fillet, lamb rack and ribs.

I don't remember those exact names though.





The bill turned out to be approximately RM200 plus.

Normal price for a steakhouse but those dishes weren't exactly worth it.

I will have doubt going back there again after this experience.

But if someone's gonna pay, I wouldn't mind though. lol

Now I bet there would be people who did not read what I typed up there but just scroll all the way down for those pictures and then come telling me that those foods are so droolable.

Go drool, aight, it doesn't bother me that those dishes did not taste exactly good.

While now I should really try 'studying' for the exam in an hour plus.

I wonder if fast reading helps.

Advertising and Marketing FML.


ken said...

honestly, never heard of this outlet before.. but now i know =P

Anonymous said...

heard bout it bt nvr expect it to b dat "good"...
well try goin for folie folie n c.

alLets'Lexy said...

ken, not even in kl? haha. it's beside casuarina.

anon, dying to try foliefolie actually. need company. =)

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