Monday, July 19, 2010


I missed blogging, I missed creative thinking, I missed forums.

Just that I didn't miss Facebook games.

OMG I have no idea what to blog because of assignments, assignments, more assignments.

Rushing for end sem!!



Today, another due date for the Corporate Identity subject.

I finished all that subject's assignments last month though.


PVC mounting nearly killed me.

Finally done and hand them all in.

Only for the mean time.

Still rushing for my Finals 1 and also web design plus TV ads.

More printing, more mounting, more PVC mounting, more Adobe Flash, more Adobe Dreamweaver!

O'wait, I haven't even start learning Dreamweaver yet.


Now I doubt I am going to blog almost consistently like previously.

I don't know when am gonna be back to update again.

Also, I have decided that creative thinking wouldn't be every Wednesday anymore. No more weekly creative thinking.

Creative thinking only when I have stuff to share.

Hopefully I make it through and it won't just die suddenly.

I am really running outta source plus I have no time to surf around for content lately.

While now I still have to continue to rush for assignments, 10 days more!

Wish me luck.


~tree trunk~ said...

good luck baby~

Muax!! *pat pat baby*

Hikki aka Amanda said...

add oil ya ^^

ken said...

and all the best =)

J said...

Good luck!!!!!

alLets' Lexy said...

thanks all. =)

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