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Urbanscapes 2010

Urbanscapes 2010!

I have been waiting for Urbanscapes since forever after I last attended it in 2009.

That was my first time and it was sort of exciting.

But this year I couldn't get much peeps to go with me.

Emiko has got to work, Bell was not interested to go and etc.

At least I have got the boyfy with me and Kae decided to join almost last minute.

She helped us got the tickets though.

Surprisingly this year we didn't get any beer during the hot day.

For me, it's gonna be even way hotter after beer, so might as well skipped.

And all thanks to the cigarette survey we did, we have a total of RM30 bucks voucher to redeem drinks from The Bee stalls!

We had at least 9cans of drink that day and I guess we spent less than RM5 on those.

That was our first stop there and then we proceed but... the marketplace was situated outdoor on the field under the hot sun.

What's worse was the field!

Due to rain previous days, the grass was wet and muddy.

So muddy I have to watch where I stepped and I even dirtied my pumps.

Total mood spoiler hence I didn't even bother walking around much.

I just went to the stalls that were situated on the tar road and ran off the field soon enough.

But managed to buy a pretty charm bracelet.

I have a separated post for my pretty charm bracelet.

While trying to get into the aircon place, we passed by this cute amazing table.

It's the Electric Tea Party!

Only know what it's called after I came back from Urbanscapes and saw it in the website.

Cuteee and interesting stuff.

And so got into the aircon area to look at some booth and met YasmineTran there!

I think I saw her outside at the marketplace far away but I was too shy.

I was glad that she actually recognised me! lol

She is even more pretty in reaaaaal.

Then there's this booth selling I LOVE badges of Klang Valley, 5bucks for 3.

So I got myself 3 where I chose Subang, PJ and Bangsar.

Subang because I stay in Subang and I really do love Subang a lot.

PJ because... it's near Subang and the second I-go-to-most place.

And lastly Bangsar, well... I don't know why though. lol

We went out for An Honest Mistake performance at the Lawn Stage and saw these cute sofa-looking stone seats.

So cute, I want one in my garden next time!

Like am gonna get a garden. lol

An Honest Mistake was the first band to perform at Lawn Stage.

Glad that I managed to catch their perfomance.

My first time watching them perform was at VIMA 2010 and I think they were awesomeeee!!

Especially the violinist! In a rock band. lol

We left Lawn Stage soon after An Honest Mistake performances ended, the rest just... didn't get my attention much.

Food hunt then!

But those food stalls available were a bit disappointing.

Kinda regret I didn't try any food from Palette Palette.

After having to fill our stomach, we walked around again with me trying to get some photos.

At the same time, Kae was waiting for 6pm to come so we can go to watch Rosevelt performance at Pentas 1 if I ain't mistaken.

Rosevelt, Kae's former drum teacher's band.

So we wait, and borrow her our support, too. lol

Realised they were quite some cute stuff at the marketplace that I did not take note earlier.

O'btw, the 'Urbanscapes' sign this year sucks.

Last year one was awesome while this year one was made of some... ribbon thingy which looks very ugly.

I did try getting a picture or two but... very bad.

No one was trying to even get a picture with it this year.

Fail much.

And I can't believe the boyfy bought a mee in cup there.

Hungry much?

I guess.

Then it was time to go in for Rosevelt performance.

Rosevelt were fine but a tad too hardcore for my liking.

Almost metal like.

Bet Kae was hyper about it though.

She went missing when the performance starts, I guess she ran near the stage.

After the performance, I was trying to wait for the Sunset Disco to start but it didn't start according to the schedule showed and I was getting very very very tired since I was there at 2pm.

I waited and waited... but it wasn't starting yet so we decided to go back instead.

Where we passed by this Project 'Angkat Rumah' and see there's music and some peeps dancing around.

Happening stuff and people there are so open, even some aunties got dragged in dance along more happening than the youngsters.

And then we... walked to get our car.

Anyway, here are the free postcards I have got from Urbanscapes 2010!

Now I can't wait for next year.

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