Monday, July 5, 2010

Wedding Dinner...

John and PueYee wedding was just a few days ago on the 2nd of July.

Am so sorry, I can't deal with the total of 700 photos on the wedding day itself now hence... that will have to wait.

I managed to chose about 40plus photos out of 200 on the wedding dinner though.

And that is what am gonna blog about now.

Warning first, it's gonna be a super heavy pictures overload post.

Wedding dinner was held at The Palace Restaurant in Excelsior Hotel.

Our table consist of the NS gang where we managed to have a total of 8 people. Pity the other 2 who actually sat with us.

We were placed at the furthest back corner... not so happy about the location but quite a hidden so we can do our thang.


Most of us haven't seen each other forever.

Hence a very good chance to catch up and camwhore of course!

All girls are dolled up, perfect time to camwhore together.

Even Emiko was dolled up!

Courtesy of Bell and I. lol

First time ever in my life that I see Emiko has got make up on.

Teehee~ ^^ So happy.

I guess the entire time after we reached until right before dishes were served, all we did was snap, snap, snap and snap more.

The guys were speechless, I supposed. lol

Until we decided we should dragged the guys in to camwhore together.

Not like we see them everyday, not even once a year.

Soon enough, it was the time for the bride and bridgroom to arrive!

I was trying to get some good pictures though...

And failed max.

Then we were back to the table, dishes started coming up and we started feeding our stomach at the same time catching up.

Talking about olden days, like we are so old and talking about what we are all doing now.

Talk talk talk...

Suddenly, someone came up with the idea to sing for the newly wed couple.

On stage.


Soon later, we all poured on the stage.

8 of us singing for the newly wed couple the song Marry Me Today (今天你要嫁给我) by David 陶喆 and Jolin 蔡依林.

Damn paiseh when it ended and all the unlces and aunties never bother to clap.

Give face a bit also don't have lor!!

Ran off the stage damn fast before we reached our table, there's one table of youngsters who clapped. lol

Another crazy bunch it seems.

It was almost the end of the dinner already.

So camwhoring continues...

on the stage. lol

Seems like everyone made good use of the backdrop on the stage.

Everyone queuing to take pictures on the stage at the end there.

And one last picture with the newly wed couple before we ciao for the after party.

After party without the newly wed couple, John was supposed to call me but god knows what happened in the end. lol

After fetching a friend back, we four girls hopped over to Barroom.

And surprisingly, Barroom was empty!!

Like totally empty wtf on a Friday night!

While we found out beside, Club 9 was crazily pack!!

Like wtf is wrong with the club one pack, one empty wtf.

Luckily we managed to shift to Club 9 in the end.

Thank god.

And what's better?

Benny and my blather came to join us later.

What a clubbing night without the clubbing kaki, no? lol

Though our table wasn't the best place, at the furthest back of the club in a corner but wtf, it was another great night with awesome peeps!

Thank you all for viewing my nonsensical post and looking at all the photos! lol

I actually don't feel what I am writing here now but if you read until here, thank you very much!

And now you may close the window while I shall hop over to Starbucks now.

Another session with my lovely awesome peeps.


p/s: If you think you want to see more photos, click here! lol

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